Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Unique Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes!

Hey Everyone!

I cleaned my makeup brushes last night and when I went to put them back in my makeup bag this morning, I realized how bad that is for them.
It makes the bristles go crazy different directions and make them dirty again from rubbing against the packaging throughout my makeup bag.
I didnt want to put them back in their normal place when they aren't in my makeup bag, which looks something like this:

This way is an ok way to store your brushes, but it become a hastle to pull them out and sometimes I would grab one and that would cause another one to fall into the toilet..... not a very sanitary thing.

So I ended up coming up with this really cute idea using a common household  item!

I used a mason jar! I put my most used face brushes and eye brushes in it and now I can see all of the brushes and its no hastle to pull them out! My kabuki just sits next to it!

I hope that this maybe was helpful to you guys if you were struggling on where to store your makeup brushes!



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