Sunday, July 15, 2012

Take the Risk: Spiked Bracelets

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be another post in my series "Take the Risk."

Now, I know that you guys have most likely been seeing alot of spiked jewlery on the market recently and personally I think it's an awesome trend, when worn right.

For example, I think that this is way to spike - y and way to dramatic:

But I think when worn and styled right, it looks amazing and actually very girly!

I think that these bracelets are perfect:

I especially love the one above, because of the fact that every other spike is blinged out! I think that it adds a really girly touch, but yet it's still edgy!

You can even style them to where they fit right in with all of your other arm candy! These to me, are the perfect way to incorporate them in:

See how they look very girly, but still give that edgy, trendy vibe? I think that the way that these people styled their spiked jewlery really worked!

Now I however, am still in the market to find the perfect spiked bracelet, so let me know if you guys have gotten any spiked bracelets and where you got them from!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



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