Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Most Played Songs on my iPod!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you my most listened to songs on my ipod, so that you could get an idea of some of my favorite songs and what type of music I listen too!

1) Here You Come Again : By Dolly Parton.  I have listened to this song 1843 times. The lyrics to this song are just perfection! They are so relatable to every girl as well!

2) Postcard from Paris : The Band Perry. I have listened to this song 1663 times. I love how preppy it is. I know that sounds so weird, but it's such a cute song!

3) Rack City : Tyga. This song is my party song. Whenever it comes on at a party, I just go crazy. I have listened to this song 1445 times. It's such a fun dance song.

4) Not Over You : Davin DeGraw. This is the perfect "trying to get over an ex" song. The lyrcis are so touching and inspiring and that's why I have listened to it 1292 times.

5) Boyfriend : Justin Bieber. I love how different this song is than anything he's ever done. I also love the beginning. I think that the beginning is literally the sexiest thing on this planet (besides Zac Efron of course). But I have listened to this song 1190 times.

6) Home : Phillip Phillips. Well if the song title doesn't pull you in, then I dont know what will. I love his voice and I love how humble this song is and I love the meaning behind the song as well. That's why I have listened to this song 972 times.

7) Pray for You : Jaron and the long road to love. Literally this is the perfect song for if you are going through a breakup and you are really pissed off about it. It has the funniest lines in it that are so true. That's why I have listened to it 626 times.

8) I don't want this night to end : Luke Bryan. I have recently become obsessed with him. I especially love this song. I think that it is so cute and I love love love the music video! I have listened to this song 454 times.

9) Jump then Fall : Taylor Swift. Anything Taylor Swift I love. I think that this song is so cute and what's funny is that I didn't like it the first time I heard it, but I quickly changed! I have listened to this song 347.

10) Fearless : Taylor Swift. Like I said above ^^ anything Taylor Swift I love. I think that it is just so so cute. I love how it truly shows how you feel when you first fall in love. I have listened to this song 300 times.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. "You don't listen to music that much." But I literally get a new favorite song every week, so that's why my top 10 songs on my ipod haven't been listened to that much.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



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