Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to: Decorate Your Bulletin Board

Hey Everyone!

I feel like a lot of people are sometimes confused on how to decorate your bulletin board. What to put on it, how to place things etc.

I would show you a picture of what my bulletin boards look like, but they have a ton of school stuff on it! But that brings me to some of my tips!

Incorporate some of your school spirit onto your bulletin board! It will not only add some fun, but also color and life!

Put pictures all over it! I love putting memorable pictures on my bulletin board, because it personalizes it.

I also like putting up notes that I've gotten from my parents, friends or teachers. It will boost your confidence seeing that.

I also like to put up awards that I have gotten, because that also will boost your confidence seeing what you have accomplished!

Another tip would be to put movie tickets on it! I like to write on the back of mine who I saw it with, because then you can look back on it and see who you saw it with!

Here are some pictures of bulletin boards that I think are done right!

I hope that you guys liked this post on how you can decorate your bulletin board(s)!



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