Monday, March 31, 2014

My Pampering Essentials!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you all things that I find essential when I want to pamper myself for the night! Now this isn't in any specific order of things that I feel are most necessary, but I'm just writing it as I think of it!

1) A Face Mask
I love putting on a face mask when I decide to pamper myself. Something that I have done a lot recently is wait to put on a face mask until after I get out of the shower because then the steam from the shower has opened up my pores and I feel like the mask can get all of the "gunk" out better!

2) A Steaming Hot Bath
An essential for me when I am having a "spa" night is a hot hot hot bath. I love either putting some generic body wash and getting it all bubbly, or if I have one - using a Lush bath bomb (specifically mr. butterball because it turns your bath into milky buttery goodness)!

3) A book or movie/show
Something I love to do while I'm soaking in the tub is watch a  show on my computer or bring my kindle into the bath with me and read a good book!

4) Candles
When I am soaking in the bath, I turn off all the lights and bring in some of my favorite candles and light them all! It really makes me feel relaxed and feel as if I am in a spa.

5) Tweezers
Now this may sound weird, but I feel so much more put together when my brows are groomed. So after the shower when I feel that it's easier to pluck out the hair, I tweeze my eyebrows and I love it! It makes me feel so refreshed.

6) Your Favorite Drink
Now I love drinking on tea while sitting in the bath, but if you are of age or something drink something alcoholic if you want to!

I hope that you enjoyed this post about some of the random things that I find essential when I want to have a night to myself and really treat myself!



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