Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ENO Review!

Hello Everyone!

If you watched my "Prank Call Challenge" or my "June Favorites" videos, you would have heard me talk about my ENO. ENO stands for Eagle Nest Outfitters and it is a portable hammock.

Now, if you are like me, then you aren't a very "outdoors-y" person. So when a lot of my friends started getting ENOs I thought to myself "I'll never get one of those, because I don't really want to spend a lot of time outdoors." Well, that was before I sat in one.

You guys, it is the most comfortable thing ever! You are floating above the ground, in this cozy material that is very breathable so you don't get hot and it is also very soft.

The ENO takes about 5 minutes to set up and all you need is two trees, the ENO and the ENO straps. All you do is you find two trees that are a good distance apart and then you wrap one of the straps around one tree and the other strap around the other and then you hook the ENO onto the straps and thats it!

I have sat in my eno for 3 hours before just reading, watching netflix (since I do still get WiFi from where I "hang") and just sleeping.

I personally have the double nest, which can hold two people and it retails for $69.95. The single nest retails for $59.95 and for only $10 more, I would recommend the double because you fit another person in it and its just overall more comfortable.

You have to buy the straps separately which kind of sucks, but they are $29.95. So you're looking at about $100 in total, but it is so worth it.

This is the color that I have:

I searched high and low for this color because I wanted to make sure that it was still girly even though it was a hammock. If you are interested in my color, it is the khaki and teal ENO! 

You can find these amazing hammocks at any outdoors store. I ordered mine off of mountainhighoutfitters.com because they were the only place that had the color that I wanted. I bought my straps at an outdoors store in my town! 

Overall, I think that the ENO is an amazing purchase. I know that I will be using mine for years to come. It's also really fun to do with friends because you can hang your ENOs on top of each other and just talk. 

I hope that you guys found this post helpful and that you all decide to purchase an ENO because it is so worth it! :) 



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