Saturday, September 13, 2014

DIY Beauty Emergency Kit!

Hey Everyone!

I recently read a magazine article about how you can make your very own DIY beauty emergency kit, so I thought that I would share with you all what my necessities would be in a beauty emergency kit!

First of all, you need a bag to put your emergency supplies in! If it were me, I would choose something very simple. Something similar to this:

Now for the things that actually go in it! 

#1: I would put hair ties in it. If you are a girl, you totally understand the pain of not having a hair tie when you really really need one. So I would probably put about 2 or 3 in here. 

#2: Along with the hair ties, I would also put some bobby pins in there. There is nothing worse than rocking a side braid, but having a chunk of hair fall out of it. That is when you need a bobby pin, so make sure that you have one in your beauty emergency kit! 

#3: Put in a deodorant in travel size. You do not want to be that person that smells, so make sure that you put something in there to prevent that. 

#4: If you want to go that extra step, put a travel size of your favorite perfume in there as well. 

#5: Concealer is the only makeup product that I would put in here. One of the worst things is when it is the middle of the day and a zit has started to come up and it is all red and nasty. But if you put some concealer on it, no one would ever know it was there!

#6 To all my ladies out there, this one is just a given - tampons. Enough said. 

Those are my essentials! I would love to know what you guys would put in your emergency kit! Tweet me and let me know @FashionandM321



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