Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Quick & Inexpensive Halloween Costumes!

Hello Everyone!

Something that I have never done on my channel is Halloween themed videos, so I thought that I would bring some ideas to you in the form of a blogpost!

I am one of those people that I always dress up for Halloween, but I never go all out. I always just keep it very simple. So here are 3 easy and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas!

A Pumpkin

This is what I was for Halloween last year and I loved it! It was so cute and so easy to make. All I did was buy a large, orange tshirt from Michaels craft store for about $5 and some black puffy paint for about $3. With the puffy paint I just drew three triangles for the eyes and the nose and then I did whatever I wanted to for the mouth. Aside from the tshirt, I bought a big green bow from Michaels for $3 to act as the stem, and I put it on top of my head. I also purchased pumpkin socks from Target for $1!

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

I was this my sophomore year in high school and I absolutely loved it! All you need is a big, white button down shirt. You can borrow this from your dad, boyfriend, brother or get one from Goodwill! Then you just need some high, white tube socks and some black wafer sunglasses! This is one of my favorite costumes that I have ever worn, because it was so cute and easy!

A Football Player

When I was a football player my freshman year of high school, I just borrowed a jersey from a friend! The most complicated part of this costume is the jersey because you will need an actual jersey to pull off this look. Apart from the jersey, all I wore was leggings, white Keds and I painted black lines under my eyes and put my hair in a ponytail!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this Halloween costume post! I still haven't totally decided what I am going to be for Halloween, but when I do, I will make sure to tell you guys!



Monday, October 6, 2014

My Favorite Movies - Currently & Of All Time!

Hello Everyone!

I have talked about movies on my channel before, but never in depth, so I thought that I would do a blogpost on the movies that I am currently loving and the movies that I have loved for a long time!


No Strings Attached:

I bought this movie back in May in the $5 movie section at Target (which if you haven't checked out, you totally should) and I have been watching it ever since. I love the story line, which is basically about these two people that have known each other since they were around fourteen and they meet up with each other later in life and decide to be friends with benefits. It follows their FWB relationship and all the ups and downs of it! It is a total romantic comedy, which is my favorite to watch, so if you like rom-coms you HAVE to check this one out!

Stuck In Love:

I watched this for the first time on Netflix a couple of months ago because my friend, Baylie recommended it to me. It stars Logan Lerman (die because he's so cute) and Lily Collins and much more! It has so many different story lines to it, which I think is what makes it so great! I don't want to give a full description because if I do, I will end up giving something away, but you guys have to check this one out! It's on Netflix :)

Safe Haven:

This is the perfect "date night" movie because it can pleasure the girls romantic side, but also the boys action side. It has Julianne Hough (who I love) and Josh Duhamel and if that isn't enough to get you out of your seat to go watch it, then I don't know what will. It is about a girl that moves to a small town in order to get away from her abusive marriage. Now, that is all I am going to tell you because I want you to see it yourself!!

I've also loved The Fault in Our Stars & Endless Love recently, but the ones above are the ones that I have been watching over and over again.

Now for the movies that I have loved forever!

She's The Man

This movie came out when I was in 3rd grade and I have loved it ever since. It is a hilarious movie filled with laugh-till-your-stomach-hurts comedy. I watch this whenever I want a little pick me up because I know that it will make me laugh! It has Amanda Bynes and just-starting-out Channing Tatum.

A Cinderella Story

You guys know my love for One Tree Hill and this movie stars not only Hilary Duff but Chad Michael Murray. It is about a girl that is the "Cinderella" of her family and has this secret admirer that kind of keeps her going through the stresses in her life. I love this movie and I always will!

John Tucker Must Die

This came out when I was in elementary school and I just remember watching it with my friends and thinking "I want to be like them in high school" because the girls in it are so likable and bubbly and powerful. It also stars my girl crush, Sophia Bush. This movie is another MUST!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this movie! Let me know what your favorites are by tweeting me @FashionandM321


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