Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How My Uploading/Blogging Schedule Works!

Hello Everyone!

I am currently sitting in bed, all body butter-ed up and starting to plan out my week in the YouTube/blogging world. I figured that I would share with you how I plan out my uploading/blogging schedule, because it truly has helped me keep up with my uploading every five days and blogging every Wednesday routine.

At the beginning of 2015, I made my YouTube and my blog my biggest New Years resolution. I have always had a passion for all things beauty and fashion, but I was struggling to find a balance between my personal life and my online life. It wasn't until I came up with this method that things started falling into place. For those of you that are bloggers or YouTubers and are struggling to find a method in the madness, I think that this could really help you and it's so simple.

The first step in finding your balance, is deciding what works for you. A few months ago I was doing the "uploading every three days" thing and it was just way too much. It wasn't fun for me because it felt so forced. At the beginning of the year I started thinking about what could really work for me and that was uploading every five days. I found that having a consistent uploading schedule is what really worked for me, instead of just uploading on a whim.

I have always loved writing, so I wanted to make sure that I incorporated my blog into that routine as well. For me, blogging is kind of harder because I have to come up with a topic that makes for a post that will be fun for someone to read. Where as videos, people can have it playing as they do whatever they please. For my blog, I decided that uploading once a week, in the middle of the week is what worked best for me. I liked that I could have one really great blogpost per week, instead of a bunch that were just a couple paragraphs.

Once I decided what my uploading/blogging schedule was going to be, it was time to write it all down. I'm a very organized person, so having something that tells me when I need to have things done really helps me. So at the beginning of every month I like to write all of my video ideas and blogging ideas out.

For videos, I count out five days from each other so that everything is consistent and then I always have the last video be a favorites video, because I really want to get better at posting those. I highlight both the videos and the blogposts once they have been uploaded/published.

Then at the bottom of the page, I list out what blogposts I want to publish. I try to come up with topics that will make for lengthy posts, because those are my favorites to write out. I try to make my blogs similar to my videos, in that they are my creative outlet and I try to make them enjoyable for myself and my readers.

At the very, very bottom of the page, I keep two sticky notes. One for my favorites of the month, so I can write them down as I fall in love with something and one for videos or blogposts that I've thought of for the next month.

With all of that being said, for me, I like to pre film and pre write on Sundays. I typically get my blog all written out and ready to go out on Sundays and then post them on Wednesdays. As for my videos, I like to pre film them on Sundays and then edit them throughout the week. If I have time on Sundays, then I will edit them, but I don't pressure myself. Sometimes if I am bored editing, I will try to finish it too quickly and then it wont turn out how I want it to.

Now of course some things will happen where I won't stick to my exact uploading schedule or if I decide that I'd rather do another video, then I will change it, but this entire schedule really helps me stay focused and organized when it comes to my online life.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that it helped you in some way, especially if you are a blogger or YouTuber!



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