Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Spring Fashion Essentials!

Hello Everyone!

Spring is officially here and because of that, I wanted to share with you guys my spring fashion essentials. I did one of these for the winter time and really enjoyed writing about what I find completely necessary during the current season!

If you guys watch my YouTube videos, then you know I typically wear neutral colored clothing. My favorite colors to wear are grey and black, which aren't exactly spring. If you are like me and want to know how you can incorporate spring colors into your neutral wardrobe, then this post is for you!

For me, it is all about adding color. I love my neutrals and I do stick to them, but mainly in the top area.
I incorporate color by my pants, jewelry, bralettes etc. I am a firm believer in sticking to what you love all year round, but just making it more appropriate for the season.

Every year, I typically get a couple new pairs of the J.Crew 3" Chinos. They are my absolute favorite way to bring color into my wardrobe for the spring. The chinos are such a classic piece and even though they are kind of expensive, they are so worth it! I typically wait until they go on sale to buy them because if you're patient enough, sometimes, you can even get them for $20! Which is a great markdown from the original price of $45.

I own everything from yes, the neutral colors, to a beautiful bright blue. Chino's bring such an elegant and classic look to your outfit, without making adding color look tacky. I highly recommend chino's if you want a great way to look timeless, but still fashion forward.

As far as accessorizing goes, you guys know me. I pretty much stick to the everyday, timeless pieces that I own: my Tiffany necklaces, Tiffany bracelet and my David Yurman cuff. Having said all of that, I think it is so fun to add pops of color in your accessories.

I love these Kendra Scott "Morgan" studs (which are currently on sale for $44!), because not only do they have such a beautiful shape to them, but they are also a gorgeous neon purple. By adding this to a very neutral outfit, it really does add so much. I love doing this because it makes you seem like you spent a lot of time putting together the outfit, when all you really did was accessorize it well.

I also love this Kendra Scott "Elisa Pendant" ,which I bought myself for my 18th birthday. Even though it is a very light purple, it still adds enough color to your outfit without being overwhelming. I love how this lays on your chest because it is so dainty and beautiful.

The last accessory that I love are my Lily and Laura bracelets. I wear these all year long, but I especially break them out in the spring/summer months. You can find these a lot of places now a days, but when I've bought them, I 've gotten then for a 3 for $25 deal or something like that. These look so great with your everyday "arm candy" and since some of mine have color in them, they especially look great in the spring. I love how they are dainty, but they still make a statement. These are a must have!!

You guys know that I am pretty much obsessed with the Free People bralettes. Of course, my favorite one that I own is the black one, but in order to not look so goth in the spring/summer months, I ordered two colors that were still my style, but brought a little more "life" to an outfit.

The first color is a beautiful pari-winkle blue. This looks so beautiful under white, grey and black little tee's which is pretty much what I live in. It adds the same laid back feel as a regular bralette, but having it be a color, is what makes it so much more fitting for springtime.

The second color that I have is a dark red color. Now even though it is a dark color, I love this because it works both in the fall and spring. Since it is a color, it adds more of a dimension then just a plain grey or blach (which I own too #norealbrasforabbey). This is a very dark red, but I do love it under a black tshirt because it brings it to a whole other level.

I hope that you guys enjoyed reading about how I try to incorporate spring colored things into my neutral wardrobe!

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