Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finishing Spray!

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Last weeks post was all about what to do with your second day curls. If you haven't read that post, then you can read it here .

Sticking with the theme of curling your hair, today I figured we would talk about a product that I really like using when I curl my hair. That product is the Bumble & Bumble dry spun finishing spray, which you can buy at Sephora for $30. Now I know what you're thinking "$30 is a lot of money to spend for a hair product." I feel that way too, but this product really is a game changer.

If you are like me and you hate that look of structured, tight curls, then this product is for you. I have used this in countless tutorials on my YouTube channel and in those you can see what a difference it makes. I find that the product has a bunch of different uses. While it is meant to be a texturizing spray, I find that it also makes for an AMAZING root lifter, in that if you spray this on your roots and then tease it, your hair will remain lifted all night.

When using the product as a texturizing spray, I recommend that you first curl your hair and let it cool. Once you've styled it how you like it (brushing the curls out, finger combing, etc.) then you want to spray this product in the bottom sections of your hair. Unless you're using this as a teasing product, then you're going to want to avoid spraying it in the roots because it doesn't really do much.

*this is a screenshot from a video, so don't judge my face* 

After you've sprayed it in your hair, then go in with your fingers and rub it in. I personally just massage it in with my fingers, getting that grit worked into your hair. When the spray is all rubbed in, then you will notice your curls have crazy volume and lots of texture. It really does look like you've just returned from the beach. 

One thing that I do not recommend with regards to this product, is you do not want to use it in straight hair, it will honestly do nothing but make your hair look strange and greasy.

All in all, I do think that this is an amazing product and I highly recommend it. Although it is pricey, I have had mine since November and I use it all the time and I'm still not out.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this review and let me know if you guys would like more reviewing products!



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