Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Keys to the Perfect Arm Candy!

Hello Everyone!

In my 18+ years on this earth, I think I have calculated the perfect formula to achieving the best arm candy possible and I will be sharing that with you today!

Even though the whole #armcandyonfleek thing has died down a little bit, the fire still burns bright in my heart - I love me some good arm candy.

We all know that the perfect arm candy starts with a great watch. The one that I personally have is Michael Kors. I would say that is the most popular brand, but I know that Kate Spade and Fossil also make some great watches.

I have had my Michael Kors since I was 13, which when you think about it, is a very long time. Over the years, I have of course sent it to the watch "hospital" for some minor problems, but other than that, it has been the perfect watch.

I first fell in love with the beauty below well before the whole watch thing, was a thing. I saw it at Nordstrom when I was probably 12 and instantly fell in love. I think it was the horn material that sold me, because the way I pictured it, I could get away with mixing metals because of the versatile color.

The next step in achieving the perfect arm candy would be a chain-link bracelet of some sort. I always use my beloved Tiffany bracelet, just because it isn't too thick and clunky, but it's just the right amount of thickness to still makes a statement.

A lot of other brands make chain link bracelets. I know that you can find them at Forever 21 or H&M and if you wanted to go "high-end" David Yurman makes some beautiful, thicker chain link bracelets.

Moving on from the watch and chain link bracelet, from what I have found, you really need a cuff, just to tie the entire look together. I personally like to wear either one of my David Yurman's or sometimes even both if I am just really going for it!

By wearing the cuffs, they really add a certain dimension to the look. Especially the twisted metal material that all Yurman's have. It add's so much texture and body in such a small piece.

The fourth and final step would be to add some sort of casualty to the arm candy. This may sound weird, but ladies, trust me.When you're wearing all this expensive jewelry, you need something to bring you back down to earth a little. I recommend either a hair tie (one that is cute, like the one below) or a friendship bracelet. This adds the perfect amount of casual-ness to your amped up arm candy.

I hope that these tips help you in achieving the PERFECT arm candy! As always, if you try this out, tweet me a picture @FashionandM321!



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