Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 2015 Photo Roundup!

Hello Everyone!

I did one of these a while back when I hadn't posted in a while and since I haven't been that active on social media this past month, I figured I would do another photo round up post!

I have to say that August 2015 was definitely a life changing month for me - I moved away from home, joined a sorority and started college!

I made the 11 and a half hour drive from home to Alabama with my mom and her boyfriend Jeff!

Saw my dorm room for the first time and did a complete overhaul! 
I won't be posting a pic until a I get a few more things for the walls, because right now it doesn't look complete!

Ran into my long lost elementary school best friend on the bus to rush convocation! 

The next few pics are of what I wore during rush! 

Open House Day 1!

Open House Day 2!

Philanthropy Day 1! 

Philanthropy Day 2! 

Skit Day Round 1! 

Skit Day Round 2!

Pref Night! 

Waiting to open my bid…

Opened my bid and GOT MY FIRST CHOICE!!

Sweet Home Delta Gamma! 

Went on a pledge retreat with all my new sisters to Chattanooga, TN!

Witnessed an Indian wedding at 9:30 am in Chattanooga! 

Had my perfect roomie take a first day of school pic for me! Here we go college…

Got pinned with my new fav Emily! 

My roommate and I experienced our first college outing together -- so fun! 

These pens have also changed my life, no lie. Run to Target right now and get them. My handwriting looks 23923094x better when I use this magical thing. 

That pretty much wraps up August (even though we still have a few days left)! If anything else exciting happens, I'll make sure to Instagram it, so follow me on there! @FashionandMakeup321

Let me know if you guys like more of these posts and/or if you would like them monthly?! 

Also, as you can imagine, between sorority life and starting a brand new school with brand new classes, I can barely find time to think straight! So just be patient with me with regards to uploading videos!! In the next couple days I will have some free time which will be lovely! 



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  1. Yay!!! Hope you're having the best time and enjoying every second !!! Such a special time! Love, Tina (sorry I think I commented twice but the first one didn't seem to post aka I'm OLD and can't understand the interwebz)


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