Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Current Etsy Picks!

Hey Everyone!

In the last couple months, I have honestly become obsessed with Etsy. If you have been living under a rock and do not know what Etsy is, then it is basically an abundance of small shops that make anything from wedding bands, to planner stickers, to jewelry to even foods! It is such an amazing website that has such beautiful treasures.

I have ordered tons of stuff from Etsy in the past (I even got my mom hooked) and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what is currently on my Etsy wish list.

Ever since I joined my sorority, Delta Gamma *throws up gamma*, I have been typing in Delta Gamma in the search bar and favoriting my favorite things, obviously. So be prepared for a lot of DG stuff!

The first thing on my list is a gold, bar necklace with the DG letters on it. I love the way bar necklaces look, especially layered with another necklace. I have a silver bar necklace with the coordinates of my house on it and I absolutely love it, so I definitely wanted a gold version as well, since I wear my silver one all the time.

Shop source: ERiaDesignsToo
Price: $46

Since I go to The University of Alabama, I really wanted to get a Christmas ornament to commemorate my first year as a student. I have never been impressed by the ornaments in the student store, so I figured I would look at Etsy to see what they had and of course, they had a perfectly cute one. 

Shop Source: doodlebugsga
Price: $22

I got a new laptop case before I went to college because my old one was covered in stickers from my high school and local business stickers. I have taken my time getting stickers for my new laptop case, as of now I only have two, but I wanted one that would show that I am a DG and also had a monogram, so the sticker below is perfect. It not only has an anchor, which is DG's symbol, but a monogram too which you guys know I love. 

Shop Source: DenisesSimplyUnique
Price: $3.50

So it rains a lot more in Tuscaloosa than I anticipated, so I didn't bring a rain jacket with me. I found this rain jacket on Etsy and I think it is so cute. I love how it has the monogram option (which I would personally get the treading in white), but I think that the black coat is perfect because it won't get dirty either. 

Shop source: fourbugsinarug
Price: $39

So the 5th and final item is another monogrammed item (surprise surprise) but this one is for my dorm room. I need something big to go above my bead, so I thought something like this would be perfect. I would most likely get mine in white, or possibly gold since my room is mainly white and gold themed. 

Shop source: ACharmedNest
Price: $29

I hope that you guys liked this post, I think that it is fun to share with you guys what I am currently lusting over, especially when it comes from such an affordable place like Etsy! 

Let me know what you're lusting over right now, by tweeting me @FashionandM321



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