Thursday, May 26, 2016

About My Blog!

I mentioned in "My New Journey" video that I wanted to just start fresh with all of my handles, hence why "The Diaries of Dixie" was born. I got a tweet a couple weeks ago asking me to do a post about what my blog is all about -- so here we are.

I realized that my blog needed to have a makeover in multiple areas and it also needed to be updated with fresh content. I have always made this out to be a lifestyle blog, which it still is, but I also wanted to take inspiration from the blogs that I love to read. My goal is to make this blog the raddest it can be (hence the photo).

I realized what I love about reading certain blogs and what keeps me coming back is the fact that I feel like I know them. Each post that they make includes an array of beautiful photographs that range from fashion photos to lifestyle photos. I also loved that once they got through talking about what the photos were about, they also talked about things that were going on in their lives or just what was simply on their mind.

But enough about me girl crushing on other bloggers -- basically what my blog is about is combining my love of writing with my love of fashion and all that life has to offer. Whether that be my current favorite toppings for avocado toast or what is currently on my heart that I feel I need to share.

I want The Diaries of Dixie to be a place that feels like a one stop shop to all things life. I want it to be a place you can go to for everything from outfit inspiration to recipes to Jesus lovin'. This blog is for me and for you, so lets make it so fun!

I hope that this helped on answering your question on what this blog really is all about!



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