Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Future Room Wish List

As many of you know, I just completed my freshman year at the University of Alabama and when I return in August I will be living in my first apartment with four of my best friends! Because of that, I have been looking online for things that will be perfect for my new space.

Of course I am using everything that was in my dorm room tour, which you can watch here, except for the bedding (since I will now have a full bed -- hooray!) and the bedside table. I am really going for a clean, farmhouse, free people esque room…does any of that makes sense? Maybe it will once you see some of the things I am wanting.

First of all, I LOVE the way that this bed looks. I love how fluffy and whimsical everything looks and I am sure that it is so incredibly cozy. I am living in a furnished apartment so I don't get to pick my own bed frame/headboard, but when I do you best believe it will be something like this.

Credit: Architecture Art Designs 

Next I want to order this piece so it adds some height to the room and it also allows me to add some fun, decorative pieces to it. I can already picture my coffee table books, jewelry boxes and picture frames just scattered up and down this! This could be what I am most excited about. 

Credit: Hadfield 

If you guys watched my dorm room tour, then you saw that I had a few different prints above my bed, which I absolutely loved. I am using all of those again, but I am buying a few more before I move in because I will have more space to cover since my bed is bigger. These are some that I have found online and I am in love! How cute are they?!

Also, if you are wanting to do a gallery wall, but don't want to spend too much money, buy greeting cards as some of your prints. That is what I did with a couple of mine and I am adding another to my wall next year. They are great for adding a small element to the wall, without breaking the bank. I love the ones from Rifle Paper Company.

Now this is something that I am not completely sure of yet, but it is something I think would be a great investment. I have heard so many things about GlamBoxes that I think if I am going to get something to store my makeup in, it might as well be this. Freshman year I had the things I used most of the time in a makeup bag and the other stuff were in baggies in my bathroom #professional. Have you guys used glamboxes before? If so, do you think that they are worth the splurge?

I have a few other things picked out that I definitely want to buy, but I think I'll wait to show you guys those until my room tour! 



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