Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5 Facts About Me

Here is my sweet mama & I on the fourth of July :))

If you just follow my blog, then you may not know that much about me. I share my personality on my YouTube channel but through writing it can be hard to grasp someones character, which is where this blogpost comes into play. I thought that I would share 5 facts about me so that you guys could get to know me a little bit better!

1. I Am Lactose Intolerant

I am lactose intolerant and have been since I was born! The last few years I haven't taken any lactose pills because I stopped having reactions to dairy products like I used to. However, the last 3 weeks I have had some issues so I have gone back on the pills (which are just over the counter). Because of this, I am trying to figure out how I can cut back on my dairy intake so I do not have to take that many pills a day and can treat my body better! Let me know if you guys have any dairy free recipes that are your favorite.

2. Fashion Has Always Been My Passion

For as long as I can remember, I have been reading fashion magazines, sketching outfits and obsessing over all areas of the industry. I feel so blessed that I knew what my calling was in this life so early on, which is why I am a fashion major at school and why I love creating the content that I do. Blogging and making YouTube videos have been the best creative outlet for me and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such amazing followers that support what I love!

3. I Don't Like Summer Break That Much

I know, I know, you are probably all reading that thinking "What? She doesn't like summer?" But let me explain myself first. I absolutely love where I go to school and absolutely adore my friends at school. Because of this, I haven't enjoyed this time off that much. The first couple weeks were nice, being able to sleep in and do whatever I want, but after a while, I got bored. I don't like not having a routine and I don't like not doing things. At school, I am constantly doing things so when I have downtime I absolutely cherish it. But during the summer, I have a ton of downtime and I find myself not liking it because I feel guilty if I am just binge watching SVU or am wanting to take a nap. I feel that I need to be working or being active.

4. Bucket Lists Are Super Important To Me

This may seem weird, but I think that if you don't have a bucket list, you're doing life wrong. I keep a list on my phone of the things that I want to accomplish in this life. I am fortunate enough to be able to have checked off a few things already, but I feel that if you don't have your goals and dreams written down, then it will be hard to work towards something when you don't exactly know what that something is. If you get anything from this post, PLEASE make a bucket list. It makes working hard seem worth it.

5. Money Freaks Me Out

If you ask my family, they will say that I am super frugal. Do I treat myself on occasion? Yes, but do I save more that I typically spend? Absolutely! Money is what makes life, life. It freaks me out because if you were to spend too much, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. If you have money saved up, if something were to happen (God forbid), you could cover yourself. I started saving when I was 14 and I am so glad that I did. Whether you put away $5 or $500, you will thank yourself later.

I hope that you guys liked this post and that you feel like you know me a little bit better! Let me know if you guys would like more of these! 



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