Monday, January 9, 2017

Loungewear Musts

Since coming to college in fall of 2015, I think that I have honestly become the loungewear queen. In high school, I mostly dressed casual, but also really enjoyed dressing up. Now that I am in college, if I were to dress up one day for class, someone would most likely ask me what's wrong - no joke. 
Lucky for me, I don’t want to dress up for class, so the whole “athleisure" trend, is really up my ally.

Over the course of the last year and a half, I have decided what my must haves are for going to class that are perfect for not only comfort, but they also make you look quite cute too.

Most of the things that I am talking about, clothing wise, are from Lululemon but any of these things from any brand, will do just the same! I’m honestly just a brat and love Lulu more than I should. 

Anyways, first and foremost you need a good, cute sports bra. I now have two black sports bras from Lululemon that I love with all my heart. They are crazy comfortable (I recommend sizing up if you don’t want to feel so ‘smushed’) and they are also crazy cute. I wear t-shirts most of the time to class, so having a sports bra is the way to go. I also adore my Calvin Klein sports bras

Having good bottoms is also a must. I recommend getting a good pair of leggings that don’t pill and also a good pair of shorts. 

The align leggings from Lululemon have been my favorite for quite some time now. They are supposed to give you the sensation of not wearing pants and of feeling naked. Sounds weird, but I promise you it is life changing. I now have my mom hooked, my friends hooked and hopefully my readers hooked. 

The tracker shorts from Lululemon are also my favorites because of the elastic band. I find that they are a lot more comfortable and if you are on the taller side like me, aren’t so crazy short like their other shorts can be. 

Being in a sorority, I have way more t-shirts than I could possibly want, so I typically wear those day to day, but if I am feeling crazy I’ll wear this workout top from lulu or one of their jackets. Both are amazing and I recommend them 10 times over, they just aren’t a staple to me like the others. 

Next, you need a cozy jacket. When it is cold out, there is nothing I love more than throwing on my oversized DG quarter zip or sweatshirt. It is so snuggly and soft that I honestly hate taking it off when it is time for bed. 

This goes without saying, but a good pair of tennis shoes is the biggest necessity of all. I recommend getting black tennis shoes because they don’t show dirt and will go with everything. Plus, you all kind of know by now that I am a color hater sooooooo black is best. 

I hope that you guys liked my little “loungewear survival guide”. I think that I am quite the expert now and I hope I relayed that in my post. I would love to hear what you guys find to be necessities, so tweet me @AbbeyFHagan to share! 



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