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Tuscaloosa Guide

As many of you know, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Alabama and if you didn’t know that, well hello and Roll Tide! I changed the name of my blog almost a year ago to "The Diaries of Dixie" because of my love for this state and more specifically, Tuscaloosa.

Around this time my junior year of high school my dad and I started to plan my college tour. I couldn’t really find any sort of "Tuscaloosa" guide that was written by a student and so my dad and I just kind of went for it when we got here. 

When brainstorming ideas for blogposts, I thought to myself that I should definitely make a Tuscaloosa "to do list" from a college students perspective. So if you happen to be coming to Tuscaloosa to tour Alabama or are just stumbling through for a game, this guide will definitely help you out! 

S T A Y 

First and foremost, when you come, you gotta have a place to stay and I think nothing in town is better than the Embassy Suites located in downtown Tuscaloosa. I personally have stayed here and so have my parents and we all loved it! It is in walking distance to some of the best restaurants in town, as well as campus (which is important if you are coming during a game weekend). 

E A T 

Sweet Home Food Bar: This place is hands down the best for brunch. Go here on a Saturday morning and you will not be disappointed. Since it is located downtown, you can walk off your breakfast sandwich [which is my favorite thing to get] a little and get to explore even more!

Depalma’s: If you are an Italian lover like me, this place is a must! It has the best pasta in town, as well as a great atmosphere. I recommend getting the spinach fettuccini noodles with the rosemary cream sauce - it seriously unreal. 

Hokkaido: If you follow my food instagram @abbeys_appetite, then you know I eat here a little too often and its one of my favorites. Hokkaido is a Japanese hibachi place that will beat out any other hibachi you have had in your life. If you aren’t in the mood for hibachi, they also have great sushi.

Jim N Nicks BBQ: You can’t exactly leave the south without having some sort of BBQ and Jim N Nicks is, in my opinion, the best in town. Their warm cheddar cheese biscuits that you get when you walk in and their crispy fried chicken just can’t be beat. 

Taco Mama: Being from Texas, if I didn't like Mexican food, it would basically be a sin. Taco Mama (in my opinion) has the best tacos in town and they also happen to be one of my favorite tacos ever. Try to go a little early so the line isn't out the door, but everything is amazing there! Be sure to get the guacamole.

The Avenue Pub: If you guys have bothered reading my Instagram bio or my blog bio, then you know that cheeseburgers are basically their own food group in my life. I love them all! The Avenue Pub is home to my favorite burger in Tuscaloosa. It has crispy bacon, delicious cheese & a perfect patty. The cool atmosphere also can't be beat.

Steele City Pops: For a fun after dinner treat or just a mid day snack, Steele City Pops is fantastic! Its the cutest popsicle place that has so many different flavors from avocado to piña colada to vanilla - there is seriously something for everyone! 

C A M P U S 

If you are coming to Tuscaloosa to tour, you will definitely be going through all of campus, but I recommend making a couple of alternative stops on your own. 

Sorority & Fraternity Row: You can’t leave campus without driving through the rows to see the famous Greek houses. I am obviously partial to Delta Gamma, but every house on campus is seriously stunning! 

Outside of Foster auditorium (which is located across the street from DG) is a beautiful memorial that is dedicated to the first African Americans that attended the University. This piece of history tends to get over looked, so I definitely recommend seeing it for yourself. 


Tuscaloosa is definitely underrated when it comes to the town itself. From the boutiques to the museums, there is so much to do here. 

Jack Warner Museum: A lot of people don’t know this, but Jack Warner actually has one of the greatest private collections of American art. This museum houses his personal collection and is such a treat to see. 

Soca Clothing: Located in Midtown Village, this boutique has brands like Free People and Show Me Your MuMu, but also has unique piece from more ‘indy’ brands. It is my favorite place to shop here!

I hope that this guide helped you in some way and that it inspired you to come visit! I tried to hit every kind of food group possible so that you guys have as many choices as possible. If you have any questions about Tuscaloosa or Bama itself, please pleas please tweet me @AbbeyFHagan as I would be happy to help in anyway that I can! 



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