Tuesday, April 4, 2017

At Home Salon Manicure

I don't know know about you guys, but I absolutely hate paying for manicures. Pedicures are something that I do not have a problem paying for, but manicures just get to me just because I feel like I can do the same thing at home. Over the course of the last couple months it has been my mission to master the art of a manicure and with the help of a few products, I think I have accomplished it.

First things first, I normally paint my nails once every week and a half simply because I hate the look of chipped nails (even though I am 100% guilty of having them for far too long). I will normally paint my nails a light pink, a hot pink or a red because those are the most "me" - you feel?

To begin your manicure, you want to make sure that every ounce of nail polish is off of your nails. I normally just buy the 99 cent acetone nail polish remover and it really gets the job done.

Next, you want to use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. This is the most important thing to use if you want achieve an at home salon manicure. I just put a tiny dot on each of my cuticles and use the Revlon Nail Groomer to push them back. This instantly makes your nails look so groomed and so pretty. After that I will cut my nails and file them. I normally go for a square shape, but it is all just a personal preference!

I will use the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat as my base and it is seriously incredible. I actually bought this because it was the cheapest top coat that Target had and it has turned out to be such an amazing find! It makes your polish last so long, but it also makes your nails super shiny which I love.

Like I said, I normally go for light pinks, hot pinks or reds on my nails and OPI Charged Up Cherry
is by far my favorite hot pink. I bring this color with me to the salon when I get my toes done because it is so perfect. I love this color because it is so fun for summer and instantly adds a pop of color to my normally all black outfits.

To finish off the manicure, I will use another coat of the Sally Hansen top coat. Something that I also always finish my manicures off with is the CND Solar Oil. This stuff smells absolutely amazing and moisturizes your cuticles so that they look super fresh and clean.

I hope that you guys found my tips helpful, I seriously believe that these products are the best in helping you achieve that perfect at home manicure.

Let me know if you guys have any tips for me, by tweeting me @AbbeyFHagan



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