Monday, June 26, 2017

Apartment Essentials

Last year was my first time living in an apartment and I loved it! I had amazing roommates and I really loved the layout of our apartment. 
So whether you are moving in to an apartment for the first time, or just looking to add some new things to yours, I think this guide will give you a little bit of inspiration!j

Metal Straws: This is a super random one, but I LOVED having these! Whether they were used for smoothies, water or a cocktail they definitely came in handy. Not to mention they are very environmentally friendly, which is always a bonus.

Leaning Wall Shelf: If you are to get one thing from this entire list, please get this! It can go in any room and instantly makes it more chic. It also comes in black, brown & white, so no matter your style, there is a color for you. If you are in a small room like I was in my apartment, it is a great piece to put a lot of your cute, decorative items, without taking up too much space or going with the standard book shelves.

Acrylic Organizer: I searched high and low for the perfect acrylic makeup organizer and I finally found this one. It is a perfect size for someone who doesn't have too much makeup, but has enough to where you want to be able to see everything you have. This is great for makeup storage or to organize desk supplies. 

Headboard: My apartment this past year was furnished but it did not come with a headboard. If you're like me, then you really wanted something to warm up your space. I loved this headboard! It is super neutral so you can take it with you from your college apartment to your first home, it was super easy to assemble and it had a great price tag [less than $150]! 

Community Blanket: Everyone is going to have a blanket that they keep in their bedroom, but I think it is really important to have a blanket just for your living room. My roommates and I didn't do this until second semester, but I think that having a community blanket was so fun! You could just snuggle up and watch a movie without having to get up and go get your own.

Even though this guide was super random, these were definitely my apartment essentials this past year! I'll be moving in to a new apartment this up coming year with just one roommate and it doesn't come furnished, so I am so excited to decorate! Be sure to stay tuned to see what the finished product looks like.



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