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New York City Travel Guide

Wow. Hi. Hello. Does anyone remember me? Gosh its been so long since I have posted on here.
Since I have gotten back into the routine of posting on my YouTube channel, I figured it was time to start posting on here again. I don't have a specific posting schedule in mind, but I'm going for the "when I can post, I will" sort of mind set - okay? Okay. 

In my Chit Chat GRWM video I talked about how my best friend Katie and I went to New York for our fall break and we had an absolute blast. I thought as my first post back it would be fun to tell you guys what my favorite things were that we did, so that if you are planning a trip to New York soon, this could help you! 

*Disclaimer* At the time, I wasn't posting on my blog so these photos aren't necessarily editorial, but I think they capture the moments we experienced perfectly!

S T A Y 

One of Katies best friends from home goes to NYU and we were able to stay with her, so that cut costs a lot! If we didn't have that luxury, we would have looked into Air BNB as I know you can find great deals. If you want to really splurge, then look into a hotel in a great area! 

E A T 

Caico e Pepe: Holy moly you guys. This place was incredible. It is one of those restaurants that serves their caico e pepe pasta in an actual cheese wheel at the table - it is unbelievable. It's in a great area, a nice price point and they take reservations which is a huge plus! I told my roommate to go here when she was visiting her boyfriend in New York over Christmas break and she said they both loved it. 

Joe's Pizza: This was actually Katie and my first stop when we landed as we were both starving! Her friend Olivia, that we were staying with, told us that this was the best slice in NY. It was within walking distance from her place and I have to say it was pretty incredible. Super fresh and definitely a "hole in the wall" type of atmosphere. There were pictures all over the walls of celebrities that had visited, ranging from Kendall Jenner to Adam Levine. Regardless on if you go to Joe's specifically, just get a NY slice while you're there. It's cheap and a must. 

Plaza: I don't know exactly what you would call this place, but in the basement of the Plaza there is almost a luxury food court - it's insane! It has all different types of foods whether that be flatbreads or cupcakes. Katie and I wandered around here for a good hour just looking at everything and of course, going into the Eloise boutique! The Plaza is a must see when you're in NY anyways, so you might as well take a couple hours and wander around the hotel. It would also be perfect if you can't decide what to get for lunch, since you can get anything you want! Katie and I ended up just getting a cupcake, sitting down and people watching.

Maman Coffee: Wow - this place was incredible! If you are looking for a little pick me up throughout your day, try to find a Maman coffee. They have five locations throughout NY and it was the best hot chocolate I have ever had. The aesthetics are beautiful inside, giving a very cafe feel. 

NoLita - This is known as the all pink restaurant in SoHo. We didn't actually eat here [Katie got a coffee to go] but we had to see it just for the pictures - obviously! It is all pink on the outside and on the inside. Grab one of their "pink as fuck" napkins as a souvenir, its hilarious! 

Serendipity - Katie and I went here for desert after we had gone to the Julia Engel meet up at the Frye store on 5th avenue (which was amazing - she's even more beautiful in person)! I got their famous frozen hot chocolate and she got their hot fudge sundae. Although a little pricey, its a stop I feel like everyone needs to make! 

A C T I V I T I E S 

9/11 Memorial - If you have been keeping up with my 101 in 1001 list here on the blog, then you would know that one of my bucket list sites that I wanted to see was the 9/11 memorial. When I went to NY in 6th grade it wasn't built yet, so getting to see this was so special. It was beautifully done and honestly took my breath away. If you do one thing while in NY, please do this. 

Brooklyn Bridge - Katie and I got some amazing photos on the bridge! We went semi - early and the lighting was fantastic. It's a beautiful place to just walk up and down and see the views. 

Bergdorfs - Of course being the ultimate girly girls we had to make a stop in Bergdorf Goodman. It was even more beautiful than I pictured. Everything had such great detail and each level had a taste of its own. 

5th Avenue - Going off of that, you have to go down 5th Avenue! We did this twice while we were there and it was so fun. Just seeing all of the store fronts was something so special....and if you want to go to Bergdorfs and the Plaza, you might as well start at the top of 5th and work your way down so you end up there! 

SoHo - SoHo was my favorite part of the city. I loved the laid back vibes that the area gave off and how the streets were all cobblestone. If I ever move to New York, SoHo would be my area of choice (that is if I win the lottery of course). 

Broadway - Obviously this is a must. Katie and I desperately wanted to see a show, but didn't want to break the bank. She wanted to see "Anastasia" and I really wanted to see "Waitress" so we agreed whichever one was cheaper, that was the one we would see! "Anastasia" ended up being cheaper and it was amazing! We got fantastic seats for about $125, which was still expensive, but in our opinion, was an amazing deal for the seats we got.

Central Park - This was the one thing Katie and I didn't get to. We had planned on doing it on our very last day, but it ended up pouring so we couldn't :( Next time for sure!

As you could probably tell, some of my "activities" were just areas or streets in New York, but that's what is so great about New York is just being in one area can take you an entire day to explore. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. I'm already itching to go back as there are more places I want to eat and see! 

Love from Dixie,


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