Monday, March 26, 2018

20 Things I Learned At 20

Wow oh wow, I cannot believe that I am finally 21! I have been itching to be 21 for quite some time now....honestly just because I was in the awkward in between of not being able to get into the "cool" bars in Tuscaloosa, but too old for the under age bars - has anyone else ever felt this way at their school?
Regardless, I am so excited to finally be 21...I feel like I have celebrated my birthday for two straight weeks, as I took a birthday spring break trip with my dad to Paris, celebrated with friends at school on my actual birthday and went home for the weekend to celebrate with my mom. It has been quite whirlwind!

Also, the above photo is from my 21st birthday party! Obviously had to have Veuve as my first legal purchase and my favorite burger place in the world as my sign!

I thought that it would be fun to share 20 things I learned at 20....this year has been a big year for me, as I feel like its been one big roller coaster of emotions - both happy and sad. I am now in a place where I feel 100% confident in the kind of life I am living and am truly happy about where my life is taking me. Your 20s can be hard, but as Carrie Bradshaw once said "Enjoy yourself....thats what your 20s are for" which is what I am doing - just enjoying myself.

Below are 20 things that I have learned this past year, I hope that you enjoy them!

1) Grades don't define you 
2) If you don't go out one night, the sun will still rise the next morning
3) Exercise actually is important and you will find such a sense of peace when you start working out everyday 
4) Frat boys are seriously overrated
5) Read before bed instead of playing on your phone, you will sleep so much better
6) Spending money on groceries actually does save you money in the long run
7) Go on a water cleanse, it'll be fun
8) Being sober at parties is actually kind of fun and teaches you to adapt to any situation, even if it's not ideal
9) Take time decorating, you'll find the perfect pieces for the space you're needing to fill
10) Buying something lavish with your hard earned money feels BOMB
11) When life gets busy, never stop your hobby, whether that's painting, playing guitar etc. Having a hobby will be a fantastic distraction when life gets tough
12) Being picky about friends is okay - quality over quantity people!!!
13) Being picky about boys is also okay. Who wants to end up marrying the guy that never grows up?
14) Keeping your mouth shut cane sometimes eat you alive -  open it up and stand up for yourself.
15) When you buy something new, give something old away. No one needs to have a massive closet full of things you haven't worn in a year.
16) Checking things off the 101 in 1001 list holds you accountable and makes you want to accomplish things that you normally wouldn't think of (Everyone should make one!)
17) Alabama football will last, but going to games as a student won't. Take it all in.
18) Step out of your comfort zone and go for things that you normally wouldn't - you'll be surprised at what happens.
19) Stop talking negatively about people, it brings your mood down too. With that being said, a good rant is always necessary.
20) If you are craving a burger, eat the freaking burger. Your metabolism won't be like this forever.

I hope that all my readers in their 20s enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading.

Love from Dixie,


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