Monday, March 19, 2018

Recent Reads

How many of you always say "I don't have time to read" but then find yourself sitting on your phone for 20 minutes before bed? I think we are all guilty. In reality we could all spend time before bed reading! At the beginning of 2018 I made the choice to start reading before bed instead of playing on my phone and let me tell you, it has changed the way I sleep!

Since the start of 2018, I have finished quite a few books that I just have to share because I think you guys will love them too! With that being said, I love all kinds of genres, so there is most likely a book in here for you!

The Light We Lost 

This book is one you MUST read. It is so captivating and is written to where you feel like you actually know the characters. It follows two people, Gabe and Lucy who meet at Columbia on 9/11. It follows their journey of falling in love, breaking up and meeting other people. It spans over 13 years and will have you crying at the end, as the ending is so shocking! If you read any of these books, please read this one! It is absolutely incredible.

Balancing In Heels

I have been a Kristin Cavallari fan since she was on Laguna Beach/The Hills and have loved watching her become who she is. This book is definitely in the lifestyle category as it talks all about what kinds of foods you should be putting into your body, clothes to keep on hand etc. I can't wait to read her cookbook, True Roots, that is coming out in April!

Sisters First

My mom got my sister and I this book for Christmas and I read it right when I got back to school - I loved it! It is written by the Bush twins and regardless of your political affiliation, I highly recommend reading this if you have a sister. They tell different stories from when their dad was President, to when they were young to present day life. It had me sobbing at the end because it made me realize how lucky I am to have a sister.

Single State of Mind

I raved about "Its Not Okay" last year, so obviously I had to read Andi Dorfman's second book. If you don't know who Andi Dorfman is, she is a previous bachelorette and her first book is all about how she dealt with getting over her and her ex-fiance breaking up. The second is all about her living her life as a single girl in New York. I literally finished this in 36 hours because of how good it was! Her stories in it are also hilarious.
Pictured is actually "It's Not Okay" because I loaned "Single State of Mind" to my friend Gabbie because I literally need someone else to read it so we can discuss!

Love Does

If you are interested in reading something faith based, I can't recommend this one enough. Bob Goff tells the stories of his life in small excerpts that all relate back to Gods love for us. His next book is coming out in April and I can't wait to read it! He is a fascinating man and seems like an incredible human being. This book is amazing!

I hope that you guys give some of these books a "go", I truly loved them all. Let me know if you buy them by tweeting me @AbbeyFHagan... I actually found out about Bob Goffs next book through one of you guys tweeting me, so keep it up! I love being in touch.

Love from Dixie,


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