Monday, April 2, 2018

Paris Must - Dos

I went to Paris for spring break this year and to say it is a magical city is an understatement. The architecture, the people, the food - everything about Paris is like a picture book. When I went for the first time I was 13, so I was definitely too young to appreciate it. Going for the second time gave me  whole new perspective on the city.
For today's post I thought that it would be fun to share what I think is an absolute MUST when you visit the city of love.


S T A Y 

My dad and I stayed in the Saint Germain district and I cannot recommend that area enough. You have so many cafes/shops within walking distance and the metro is located right in the middle so it is really easy to get to another part of town. 

Bottom line is you're in Paris, as long as you're not far from everything, you can't go wrong with what area you stay in.

E A T 

Since everything was in French, it is hard to remember exactly where we ate, but I do remember three places that I can't recommend enough!

Paul: Paul is what I think is the upscale Paris version of Starbucks. It's grab and go or sit down for breakfast/lunch and has delicious pastries and sandwiches. My dad and I went here twice because it was so delicious! These are also all over Paris so you should stumble upon one wherever you are. 

Lipp: This is where I got the most delicious steak-frites. Steak-frites is a very popular French dish and I cannot recommend Lipp enough for that. It is a white table cloth restaurant, so it is more upscale, but if you are planning on having one nice meal out while in Paris please go here! It will not disappoint. 

Fish La Boissonnerie: This place was in the Saint Germain district and it was delicious. I recommend going here if you are a foodie because some of the dishes are a little unusual. It was super fun to try different dishes that I normally wouldn't and again, the location of this area just can't be beat. 

Now even though I can't remember the names of the other places we went to, you have to go to a crêperie while in Paris for both a savory and sweet crêpe. I love both and to be in a sit down restaurant that only serves crêpes was really fun.
Every night on our walk back to our hotel, my dad and I would stop at the crêpe cart by our hotel. There is something so amazing about eating a warm, nutella filled crepe while walking along the streets of Paris.

Another great thing is just finding a cafe, sitting outside with a glass of wine and people watching. My dad and I did this almost every afternoon and it was so much fun!

S E E  

While in Paris there are certain things that you have to see, like the Eiffel Tower (I highly recommend saving it to go at night, the light show is incredible), the Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe (I also recommend making the climb to the top to see an incredible view of the city). Those places are famous for a reason and because of that, you have to see them.

Something that I didn't do the first time I was in Paris, but did this past time was go to Château de Versailles. My dad and I spent the entire day there and it was my favorite day of our trip. The grounds were personally my favorite, but going inside to see the palace and the famous hall of mirrors was really amazing too. 
If you are planning on going to Versailles, I recommend blocking out your entire day and eating on the grounds. We ate at a cafe in town because we weren't sure what they would offer, but I believe they had 3 different places to eat on the grounds that looked incredible! 

YSL Museum: If you are into fashion at all, I can't recommend the YSL museum enough. It is in the actual place that the famous designer, YSL worked. You get to see some of his famous pieces, his personal studio as well as several films that let you get to know the brand better. 

Galleria Lafayette: Again, if you are into fashion this department store is a must see. It is so beautiful and you truly feel like you are in a whole different world. We explored every level and it was so much fun! 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that it gave you some tips for Paris. It truly is such an incredible city and I can't wait to go back in August! 

Love from Dixie, 


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