Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Life in Milan #1

It has been a few weeks since I have posted on here but I think I have a pretty valid excuse...I moved to Milan for the summer!

Sipping on a spritz #thriving

Life has been pretty crazy here from getting settled into my apartment and starting my internship, but I can confidently say that this has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far. Having the experience of working in the fashion capital of the world along with some of the most educated people in the industry is a once in a lifetime experience that I am so thankful I get to have. All glory to God on this one! 

With all of that being said, I feel like I owe you guys (and all of the people back at home) an update on how my life here is going! So I should probably start at the beginning...

I arrived on May 27th so that I could have a week to move into my apartment and get settled before my internship started on June 4th. During that week the internship program I am in required us to take Italian classes at a language school. Sadly, I am still not fluent in Italian but I do know how to count to 10, say my colors and introduce myself, so thats something, right?

In that first week I ate at a ton of amazing restaurants and made some really great friends that are also in the internship program. We have all become close rather quickly since we are all over here by ourselves, which I think makes the friendships so much more special. I mean how often do you meet people around the world?

Outside of the famous Duomo. Can't wait to go inside this weekend & walk on the roof!

Legend has it that if you spin on the bulls balls 3 times it brings you good luck. #blessed

The first week came and went rather quickly and pretty soon it was time to start what I came here for....interning at Spazio38. Spazio38 is an Italian showroom that houses almost 20 different brands. As their intern I do everything from reach out to brands all over the world, work with the designers whose clothes are in the showroom and I overall help complete any tasks that the other employees need help with.

Right outside the Spazio38 showroom. The jasmine bush smells so incredible!!!

I'm almost done with week two and I can't wait to see all that I learn over the next 6 weeks. The people that work at Spazio38 are incredibly kind and have really made an effort to explain things in English so that I can understand whats going on and so that I can learn. I seriously couldn't ask for a better company!

I also got really lucky and I can walk to work from my apartment, which is pretty unheard of. I found the cutest coffee shop where I stop to get a croissant and an iced chai tea latte (theirs is the best I've ever had...seriously tastes like a cinnamon milkshake) almost every morning. I love that I have developed a little morning routine....makes it feel like home.

In terms of traveling, the abroad internship program that I am in took all of us to Lake Como for the day last Saturday. I truly cannot describe how beautiful it is there. I can't wait to go back with my mom in July for the weekend!

My sweet friend Sophia who goes to USC and went to my moms high school!

These are quite possibly my favorite boys ever - they are too fun and we are pretty much bffs.

While I'm here I am planning on doing a couple more days trips, as well as go to Interlaken and Florence. I just want to explore as much as I can while I'm here!

All in all its been a pretty incredible two weeks...I can't wait to see what else is in store.
I wanna do more of these posts while I'm here so I can look back and see what all happened during my time abroad.

If you have any suggestions for me while I'm in Italy please let me know by tweeting me @AbbeyFHagan!

Love from Milan,


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