Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Life Update

Hi's been quite a while since I've posted on here. 
If you've been following me for a while, you know that I always go in spurts of posting a lot or not posting at all and truly this little spurt lasted longer than I intended it to. 

To be honest with you, I didn't even want this break to happen. Time truly got away from me and now I'm typing on a blog that hasn't been posted on in 5 months. I'm so sorry for leaving you guys hanging! 

Had my very last bid day with DG! :( 

*Throughout this post are a few pictures from the last 5 months just incase you forgot what I look like :) *

As many of you know, I am now in my senior year of college [wtf?] and have really been trying my best to have the most active social life I can have while also maintaining good grades. I'm happy to report that last semester was my best semester of college yet [lets hear it for my 3.8!] and it was also my favorite semester yet. 

The last Bama vs Ole Miss weekend with my high school bffs!

I think its because I really am in the mindset of "its never going to be like this again...ever" and although that has made me really sad at times, for the most part it has kept me so motivated to do it all. Not in an irresponsible way, but I just don't want to graduate and regret anything. I want to graduate and know that I truly experienced all that college has to offer. 

This past semester I also had my first "dating" experiences in college. While I wouldn't say that I was dating either of these boys at all because H E L L O we are millennials after all and who wants a title? *joking* #ihateboys but I truly learned a lot about myself and a lot about boys in general. 

A weekend trip to Nashville in September with my best friend, Katie

I've also mentioned before how going to Milan this past summer 100% changed my life. I had a really hard time adjusting when I got back to school because I missed my life there so much. I mean I love Tuscaloosa but it's not exactly the fashion capital of the world you know? But after a few weeks I got the hang of being back at the school I love and was really happy to be back with my people. 

But now it is February and I am in the process of applying for jobs! When I counted today I've applied for 39 jobs and I am no where near done. As scary as the real world is, I am really excited to see where I end up and what Gods plan is for me. 
It's something that I pray about daily because it is so unknown, but it is incredibly exciting at the same time! I'm someone that used to be horrible with change, but I think after this past summer, I really grew into myself and realized that the unknown can actually be a really good thing. 

Katie also became a Vera Bradley ambassador with me this year!

In terms of where I am applying, its seriously everywhere. From LA, to Dallas, to Seattle to Philadelphia. Bottom line is I just want a J O B. Obviously I have my preferences, but I know whatever happens is in my plan and because of that, it's all going to be ok. 

As for a family update, my parents are no longer in Dallas! They moved to Portland, Oregon a couple weeks ago and are just now getting settled. I'm excited to see where their adventure takes them. 

Sig Ep formal in New Orleans this past weekend with one of my fav guys, Robin

Last DG formal with my best friends: Katie, Gabbie & Allison

Now for my plan for this little blog of mine...I still want to post content on here like I have been the last couple years. Everything from book reviews to wishlists to outfit ideas because that's what I'm passionate about! 

In terms of my YouTube channel, I was watching Sarah Belle's video the other day about how she has been doing YouTube for almost 10 years so it's normal to really outgrow something and that's when I realized that I think I've outgrown the kind of YouTube videos that I used to film. 

Although I still love watching videos and am a very loyal follower to so many people, I realized that I don't have an interest in filming any sit down videos anymore because that just isn't me. As much as I hate to admit it, I don't know if I'll film a formal video again. I really want to turn my YouTube channel into something thats up to speed with this version of me. I want to start documenting my everyday life again (expect lots of daily vlogs) and I want to make food apart of my channel as cooking has become such a creative outlet for me this past year.

Anyways, stay tuned for my first official blogpost back.. it should be coming this weekend! But for now, thank you guys for sticking around all this time and for all of your kind messages saying you missed me. They didn't go unnoticed! 

Love from Dixie, 


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