Friday, June 29, 2012

Hong Kong Haul!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you guys are doing well! I wanted to post pictures of the clothes that I bought in Hong Kong, because sometimes my camera washes out color and doesn't show exactly what the clothes look like!

If you haven't seen my Hong Kong haul then here it is:

 This shirt is from Forever 21! It's so cute and summery! 

 This shirt is also from Forever 21! It's such an easy piece to style! You can easily dress it up or down! 
 This shirt is definitely the most wild of my purchases! I love the pattern, I love the cut, I love the stud detailing - I just love it all! This shirt is also from Zara! 
 Here is a close up picture of the stud detailing! 
 This dress is from H&M! It is such a flattering cut and I absolutley love it! It's such a great dress for summer, because it's so cute and so effortless! 
 These shorts are freaking awesome! They are so cute and so in right now! I love the edgy detail with the lace on one of the sides! I think its very different and fun! These were also purchased at Zara!

 These sleepy - shorts are from Cotton On! They are so soft and comfy to sleep in! 
 This is the Nars "Laguna" bronzer! This is also a really good investment, because it lasts forever! I absolutley love it! You can buy this at Sephora, Nordstrom - really any high end beauty stores. 
This is my all time favorite liquid eye liner! It's the MAC superslick liquid eyeliner in "On The Hunt" It's so easy to apply and it also lasts forever! You can buy this at any MAC counter or MAC store!

The shirt that I was wearing in the haul video, was also purchased at Cotton on!

I hope that you guys liked this blogpost!



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hong Kong Day 6!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry for the delayed videos! I have been so busy, and there has been so much stuff going on in my personal life! Also, my laptop kept on stalling on me, so it wasn't to great!

Anyways, here's what I did on June 18:

So we met my sister's friends for lunch at a place called paisanos! It was a delicious pizza place - New York Style as well!

After lunch, we took a bus to a place called Hopewell Center, where they have a really big Starbucks!

After that, we went back to my sisters house and we played Just Dance 3! I put some of clips of us dancing in the video! I love to dance, so this is a really fun game for me to play, even though I was basically off the entire time!

My sister's friends left and then my sister and I went swimming! We swam for a couple hours and then we went back to the apartment, showered, and then we ate dinner! It was so delicious! We had pork tenderloin, couscous and corn salsa!

After dinner, I had to start packing because we were leaving for Thailand the next day!

Here's the video for HK Day 6:

Hope you guys have been good!



Monday, June 18, 2012

Hong Kong Day 5!

Hey Everyone!

So if you read my Hong Kong day 4 blogpost, you know that after I woke up from my nap, my throat was killing me! Well after I went to sleep that night, I woke up the next morning, and it was hurting even more!

So my Dad told me that he wanted me to rest all day! So that's what I did.

My dad and my sister have all of the movies from my childhood here! I haven't seen some of the movies that I watched in forever!

I finished "Made of Honor" which I had started to watch the night before, but I fell asleep before I could finish it.

I also watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" which again, I hadn't seen in forever! I read the first book and I loved it! I also watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" which I loved as well! After that I watched "The Cheetah Girls" which again, I hadn't seen in forever!

I love all of those movies! While watching those movies, I ate some soup, which was kind of a chicken soup! It was really good.

My sister invited some friends over, so I went into the living room for a little while and played "Just Dance 3" with them, which was fun! I lost everytime though....

After that, 1 of them stayed for dinner and we had split pea soup! Which was delicious!

I filmed a tiny bit of my day that day, but it wasn't very exciting, it was just me complaining about how my sister got me sick... but if you would like to watch it, here it is:



Hong Kong Day 4!

Hey Everyone!

I have now been in Hong Kong for 6 days! I have gotten behind on posting videos since my wifi here is really bad, so I'm sorry about that!

June 16:

So I woke up at 6:30 and I edited a video! I then came into my kitched, got some breakfast, talked to my Dad for a bit and then my sister woke up!

It was Father's Day, so my Dad went to the gym while my sister and I got ready! He came back, he got ready, and then we were off to the American Club to have lunch!

Here was our view when we were sitting outside:

We were sitting at our table outside, when it started to rain! We then moved inside, and thankfully we hadn't gotten our food yet, so nothing went to waste!

My Dad left to go see his girlfriend before she left on a buisness trip, so my sister and I went shopping!

We went to a place called IFC, which if you have watched Batman, then you know which building it is! It is a huge mall connected to the Four Seasons!

We went to Zara, did some damage, then we went to the apple store to get my Dad his gift! Which was a cable that he can use in his car to play music through his iPod! Anyways, we walked around a bit, got some gelato, which is always good, then we went back to the apartment!

As soon as my sister and I got in, my Dad was already home and we all just sat on the couch and we actually all fell asleep! My Dad was the first to fall asleep, then me, then my sister! My Dad slept for about an hour, my sister slept for about 3 hours, I slept for 4 hours! I think that my jetlag caught up to me that night! When my Dad woke me up, it was time for dinner!

My sister and him both said that I was a zombie through dinner and looked like I was still asleep. My throat was really hurting, so I wanted to get through dinner as fast as possible, so I could just climb into bed.

After dinner, I washed my face, brushed my teeth (which always makes me feel better) , picked out some movies, then went to my room!

I watched "Sydney White", which I hadn't seen in years! I love Amanda Bynes, I think that she is just so funny! I was laughing through the whole thing! I just love the story line!

After "Sydney White" was over, it was about 10:00! I was sleepy, but still not ready to fall asleep. So I popped in "Made of Honor" which again, I hadn't seen in years! I fell asleep about 1/4th of the way into it!

I slept for about 7 hours that night, and the next day, I woke up with such a sore throat, but that will be another blogpost!(:

Here is HK Day 4:

Hope you guys had a great Sunday!



Hong Kong Day 3!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was my 3rd day in Hong Kong and it was great!

June 15:

I woke up again, at about 6:30. I laid in my bed and watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie, which I haven't seen in years! To say the least, I cried in the end.

I got up, ate some homemade pound cake, talked to my Dad, wrote a blogpost, edited HK Day 2 video, tried to upload it 5 times, everytime it failed, so i just decided to try the next day.

Anyways, we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants, which is called Enoteca. It's a tapas restraunt, which is actually my favorite way to eat. You basically order a bunch of little dishes, and eat them! I took pictures of all of the things that we ate, so here they are:

 This dish above came with 4 of these minted zucchini & feta cakes with dill yoghurt, but when I took the picture, there was only 1 left! These are delicious by the way!
 These are the rosemary and sea salt tossed potato wedges with balsamic dip! They are a great spin on the classic french fries and not greasy at all!
 This above is honestly my favorite dish in this restaurant. It's creamy brie (which is my favoirte cheese) and roasted garlic w/ toasted focaccia bread! It's so delicious!
 This is the homemade chicken liver pate with fig jam. Now, pate isn't everyone's thing, but I happen to love it!
 These are the pesto chicken and parmesan risotto balls with a moyonaise dipping sauce. These are very crispy, but very creamy on the inside.
This is what they look like inside!

After lunch, we went back to the apartment. We decided to go see a movie, so we all grabbed sweaters, then headed off. My Dad actually drove us there! It was my first time driving with him in Hong Kong, which if you didnt know, the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car, on the oppisite side of the road. So it's completley opposite than American driving.

We went to see "The Dictator" which was incredibly funny, but very stupid at the same time! It also had alot of racial lines in it, but it was very funny!

After the movie, we came back home, I showered, changed, then my Dad's girlfriend, her daughter, and her daughters friend, came over for dinner! It was my first time meeting them, so I didn't want to video tape the get together, so I hope that you guys understand!

Here is Hong Kong Day 3:

I hope that you guys had a great Saturday!



Friday, June 15, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2!

Hey Everyone!

I have now been in Hong Kong for 3 days!

Yesterday, June 14th, was my 2nd day here!

I woke up and watched, of course, Sex and The City. After I watched about 5 episodes, I went for a walk with my sister and my Dad's full time live in maid, and we walked the dog! It was the hardest walk I think I've ever taken. We walked up the steepest hill and then walked back down and it took about an hour and a half to complete the whole thing!

After I got back, I then edited a video and wrote a blogpost! I tried 3 times to upload the video, but it still wouldn't upload. So I'm trying again today! That's beside the point though....

My sister woke up around 11 and we watched an episode of Sex and The City together, then we went to go get razor heads! Very exciting, I know. Her throat was hurting, so we also stopped by Starbucks. We walked back to the apartment, both showered, got ready, then took a taxi to meet her friends for lunch!

We went to a place called "Eat Right" and it was a very healthy and organic restraunt. It was very good! I got a haloumi and avacado burger. It was pretty good, very out there, but good!

After lunch, we took the subway to Causeway Bay to go shopping!

Here's a picture of my subway ticket:

That's where H&M and Forever 21 and some other cute stores are located! By the way, when I get back to the US, I am planning on doing a huge Hong Kong haul, so that you will be able to see all of my purchases!

We went shopping for about 4 hours, and I got some things that I have nothing like in my wardrobe!

We took a mini bus home, which honestly, I was scared to death to get on, but it turned out to be fine!

My sister and I got home, we finished an episode of Sex and The City, my Dad got home from work! We ate dinner, which was delicious! My Dad and sister's maid cooked up meatloaf and a couscous salad with a bunch of yummy things in it!

I was really tired after dinner, so I showered, washed my face, and then climbed into bed! I slept for 9 hours! Yay me!

I finally got my video to upload, so here it is:



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1!

Hey Everyone!

As many of you know, I am in Hong Kong! I am planning on vlogging and blogging my whole trip in Hong Kong!

June 13:

I went to sleep around 2:30 a.m. and woke up at 6:30, since I was so jetlagged! I mainly laid in bed and watched Sex and the City until my sister woke up, which was about 11:30. We then sat in my bed and talked, drank tea, watched Sex and the City and then we ate lunch at the house.

My sister had a going away party to go to, so I just stayed at the apartment and rested and surprise here.. Sex and the City.

She left around 2:30 and came back about 6:00. My Dad got home from work around 5:30! So we just sat and talked.

I got ready for dinner and then we went to my favorite restraunt in Hong Kong, which is a tiny middle eastern food restaurant. It's my favorite place ever.

After dinner, we went to get gelato! Dark chocolate gelato is my favorite! It's so rich and creamy!

We then took a taxi ride home and as soon as we got back to the appartment I knew I was about to pass out I was so tired. So I washed my face (which by the way, I am going to film an updated skincare routine soon) and then said my goodnights, and headed off to bed. I fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up at 6:30, so I got a really good amount of sleep!

My next vlog's will be much more eventful so definitley stay tuned!

My video is up on youtube, but somehow I cannot put it on to here...:(

Here is the link to watch it: tp://



Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to Make Packing More Efficient!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you guys some tips on how to make packing alot more efficient and quick!

I am leaving for Hong Kong on Tuesday (the 12th) and I always start thinking about what I want to bring a few days ahead.

Here are some tips that I think will help your packing go alot smoother!

1) Make a packing list. If you make a packing list, you will know exactly what to bring. Now when I make a packing list, I am very specific. I will say something like "white lace tank top from Hollister." Then I know exactly what it is.
I also divide my list into categories. Such as, electronics, clothes, accesories etc. If you make this packing list, you are more likely to not forget anything on your trip. Also, if you do this a couple days before you leave, it will give you time to add to your list if you forget something.

2) Pack the night before you leave. If you do this, it will make the day of your flight alot more relaxed.

3) Always make sure that you have plenty of face wash, shampoo etc. to last you your entire trip. Because if you're like me, and you run out of some that is your staple item while on vacation, it just about eats you alive. Now, if you are traveling to a place where if you do run out of something, you have access to getting it, then that's ok. But if you are traveling to another country, then you need to make sure you have everything you need!

I hope that you guys found these tips helpful! Let me know in the comments below!



P.S. I plan on vlogging and blogging everyday that I am there, that way you can "come along" with me on my trip!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Smokey Eye!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to do a smokey eye that was very easy, but was a more dramatic than just your everyday eye look in the summer!

The only products I used were:
Mac Paint Pot in Morning Frost (This was a limited edition color, but if you use the benefit creaseless creme eyeshadow in "birthday suit" it is bascially the exact same shade.)

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Yogurt and Dark Brown

Stila Eyeshadow ( I have no idea what the name is, but its a shimmery gold color)

Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Amethyst

Benfit They're Real Mascara

Here is the video where you can see how I achieved this look:



Friday, June 8, 2012

My First Ask Abbey Blogpost!

Hey Everyone!

I was thinking about some things that I want to do on my channel and I thought that I could start doing a series called "Ask Abbey" where I can give you guys advice on topics that you guys want me to talk about!

So if you have any questions or advice that you need feel free to inbox me on youtube or message me on my facebook fanpage which is ! Don't forget to "like" that as well if you havent already(:

Now I can either do the "Ask Abbey" on here or I can make a video about it. What do yout think? Let me know by tweeting me or inboxing me on youtube!




Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Unique Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes!

Hey Everyone!

I cleaned my makeup brushes last night and when I went to put them back in my makeup bag this morning, I realized how bad that is for them.
It makes the bristles go crazy different directions and make them dirty again from rubbing against the packaging throughout my makeup bag.
I didnt want to put them back in their normal place when they aren't in my makeup bag, which looks something like this:

This way is an ok way to store your brushes, but it become a hastle to pull them out and sometimes I would grab one and that would cause another one to fall into the toilet..... not a very sanitary thing.

So I ended up coming up with this really cute idea using a common household  item!

I used a mason jar! I put my most used face brushes and eye brushes in it and now I can see all of the brushes and its no hastle to pull them out! My kabuki just sits next to it!

I hope that this maybe was helpful to you guys if you were struggling on where to store your makeup brushes!



An Amazing Smoothie Recipe!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to show you this smoothie recipe that I came up with! It's super yummy and super good for you!

All you're going to need is:

 This ingredient is optional! It's a powder and contains alot of things that will give you protein! I like the vanilla flavor, but they also have chocolate and strawberry!
 Pomegranate juice is the best kind of juice that you can get! Its a great anti - oxidant and this is also 100% juice!


Now these two ingrediants are the fruit. You can use whatever kind of fruit you like, personally I really like rasberries and blueberries. Rasberries for their bite and blueberries for the health benefits! You're actually supposed to have blueberries everyday, but since I dont like them on their own, I put them in my smoothie!


 I really like my smoothies to be the consistansy of a milkshake. That's why I use this frozen yogurt. It's fat free and give that thickness to the smoothie, that ice cream would, but it's not as bad for you!
 This is what the finished product looks like!
Selfies with my smoothie for the win(:

Here is the video where I put it all together: 

Happy smoothie making!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinner OOTD!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you guys find this post helpful! I wanted to show you a outfit that I wore to a summer birthday dinner! I think it's super cute and really simple!(:

 My shirt is from Forever 21! You can find so many different styles of this shirt! My shorts are from Nordstrom, but again, this type of short is sold everywhere!
 My watch is Michael Kors and my bracelet is Tiffany & Co!

Michael Kors Watch:
Kors-Michael-Kors-Ritz-Chronograph-Watch-Light-Horn-TORTOISE-HORN/prod16030011_cat31902_cat35701_/?index=10&cmCat=cat000000cat145cat35701cat31902&isEditorial=false       (This isn't my exact model, but this is the same style except this watch's hardware is silver, mine is gold.)

Tiffany Bracelet:

 My necklace is from a local boutique, but if you just a monogram necklace, a thousand results will come up!
 My shoes and Steve Madden! I got them at Nordstrom last Summer. I dont know if this model is still available, but you can check your local Nordstrom or Steve Madden store and see if you can find it!
The heel is probably about a 2 - 3 inch heel, but they are super comfortable and so easy to walk in!

Here is the video where I go through the entire outfit and there are some pictures from the night in the begining of the video!

I hope that you guys had a great Wednesday night!



Amy Jerggens from Secret Life Inspired Hair and Makeup

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you guys liked this tutorial that I did!

Here are some pictures from the look:

 This is what it looked like in the middle of the process!

This is the finished product! What do you think?

This is the picture that I got all of my inspiration from!

If you want to see how I achieved this look then watch the video below:

If you watch Secret Life, who is YOUR favorite character? Let me know in the comments below!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows!

Hey Everyone!

I thought this would be a great topic to do a blogpost on! I personally love TV and I am a big fan of alot of shows, so I thought I would share with you my top 10!

These will be in no particular order, because honestly they are all my #1!

1) Grey's Anatomy. This show is my love. I've always had a passion for all things medical, and this show does such a great job on having a balance between the medical part and the characters part. I love this show and I love how you create a bond with some of the patients in certain episodes.

2) Friday Night Lights. This show is no longer on TV, but the reason why I loved it so much is because since I live in Texas, so football is such a big part of the culture here. Friday Night Lights  does a great way in showing how the small towns in Texas really do revolve around football. It creates such a great story line and you really fall in love with every character. And let me just tell you, I was bawling like a baby in the series finale, it was breathtaking.

3) The Lying Game. Holy cherry tomatoe. This show is amazing! I own the book, but I haven't actually read it...*insert deep sigh*
I really have no idea how to describe the show, so I'm just going to copy and paste a summary about it from IMDB.
"The show follows Emma (Chando), a kind-hearted foster kid who can't catch a break. She finds out she has an identical twin sister, Sutton (also played by Chando), who unlike Emma was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life. After their intital meeting, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days while she pursues a lead on their birth mother. Initially excited to do this favor for her sister, Emma soon learns that Sutton has gone missing and could be in trouble. Now, Emma must decide weather to come clean to Suttons family and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sisters true whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place."
Personally, I think that it has a great story line and at the end of each episode, it leaves you wanting more.

4) Pretty Little Liars. If you have not heard of this show, then you live under a rock. Its about these 4 best friends that have to stick together in order to survive these threats that they are getting from "A", who somehow knows all of their darkest secrets and is holding them over their heads. Meanwhile, they are trying to solve the murder mystery of their best friend, Allison. This show literally makes me want to never leave my house everytime I finish watching it, but in a good way.

5) Dance Moms. Whenever I mention this show to my Mom, she always asks me "Why do you watch something that is basically a bunch of Moms screaming at a dance instructor?" My answer is always "you don't understand." This show is addicting. Yes, it really does consist of yelling, but I never get annoyed with it. I just love it so much and the little girls on it are all very talented!

6) Jane by Design. I personally really relate to this show, in that I want to be in fashion so bad and I always have. Jane, the main character has that same passion as I do. She finds herself working for the fashion company, who thinks that she is older than she actually is. Throught the show, Jane has to juggle being in High School and surviving her dream job.

7) Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson. I LOVE HER. This show is so cute and funny and just so amazing. It's about this big time doctor from New York, that actually gets fired from her job. She then moves down to Bluebell, Alabama so that she can work on getting to know her patients better and not just solving their medical problem. She ends up really liking it there, and finding some very attractive southern boys. Once again, season finale, I was crying my eyes out in this one scene, and if you've seen the finale, you probably know what I'm talking about... or maybe I'm the only that cried in that scene....

7) Gossip Girl. First off, Blake Lively is on the show and I love her so much, I just think that she is fabulous. 2nd the fashion. Let me just go die. Holy crap its amazing. 3rd, New York City..... if that doesnt sound like those make up a freaking fantastic show, then I dont know what does. I really have no idea how to really explain it, because there are so many different story lines throught the show that I really can't explain it. You honestly just have to watch it yourself and you will fall completely in love.

8) Revenge. This show is probably the most outrageous show that I watch, in that it is so twisted and so messed up in so many ways, but it is just freaking awesome.
It's about this girl that's father was convicted of something that he didn't do. The girl grows up and her life mission is to get revenge on all the people that took her father's innocence away from him. This show is so amazing and if you watch it, you will instantly be addicted!

9) Dawson's Creek. This is the show that basically got Katie Holmes her first big break. I believe the show had 6 seasons, and every season just got better and better. I've seen my dad cry probably 10 times in my life, and when we watched the series finale, that was one of the times I saw him cry. I still watch scenes from the show on YouTube all the time. To me, it's a classic TV show and boy or girl could watch it and love it!
It's about these 4 friends who live in a small New England town and they all basically have grown up together and know each other backwards and forwards. They go through pretty much everything a teen can go through. Personally, this show will always be one of my favorites!

10) Friends. I am actually yet to watch this show the whole way through and in order, but whenever it is on nick at nite, I always watch it! It makes me laugh so much! I hope that when I grow up, I have a friend group like that. Again, if you don't know about this show, then you live under a rock..

I hope that you guys will check out some of those shows and let me know what your favorite TV shows are!


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