Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Amazing Smoothie Recipe!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to show you this smoothie recipe that I came up with! It's super yummy and super good for you!

All you're going to need is:

 This ingredient is optional! It's a powder and contains alot of things that will give you protein! I like the vanilla flavor, but they also have chocolate and strawberry!
 Pomegranate juice is the best kind of juice that you can get! Its a great anti - oxidant and this is also 100% juice!


Now these two ingrediants are the fruit. You can use whatever kind of fruit you like, personally I really like rasberries and blueberries. Rasberries for their bite and blueberries for the health benefits! You're actually supposed to have blueberries everyday, but since I dont like them on their own, I put them in my smoothie!


 I really like my smoothies to be the consistansy of a milkshake. That's why I use this frozen yogurt. It's fat free and give that thickness to the smoothie, that ice cream would, but it's not as bad for you!
 This is what the finished product looks like!
Selfies with my smoothie for the win(:

Here is the video where I put it all together: 

Happy smoothie making!


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