Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinner OOTD!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you guys find this post helpful! I wanted to show you a outfit that I wore to a summer birthday dinner! I think it's super cute and really simple!(:

 My shirt is from Forever 21! You can find so many different styles of this shirt! My shorts are from Nordstrom, but again, this type of short is sold everywhere!
 My watch is Michael Kors and my bracelet is Tiffany & Co!

Michael Kors Watch:
Kors-Michael-Kors-Ritz-Chronograph-Watch-Light-Horn-TORTOISE-HORN/prod16030011_cat31902_cat35701_/?index=10&cmCat=cat000000cat145cat35701cat31902&isEditorial=false       (This isn't my exact model, but this is the same style except this watch's hardware is silver, mine is gold.)

Tiffany Bracelet:

 My necklace is from a local boutique, but if you just a monogram necklace, a thousand results will come up!
 My shoes and Steve Madden! I got them at Nordstrom last Summer. I dont know if this model is still available, but you can check your local Nordstrom or Steve Madden store and see if you can find it!
The heel is probably about a 2 - 3 inch heel, but they are super comfortable and so easy to walk in!

Here is the video where I go through the entire outfit and there are some pictures from the night in the begining of the video!

I hope that you guys had a great Wednesday night!



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