Friday, June 15, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2!

Hey Everyone!

I have now been in Hong Kong for 3 days!

Yesterday, June 14th, was my 2nd day here!

I woke up and watched, of course, Sex and The City. After I watched about 5 episodes, I went for a walk with my sister and my Dad's full time live in maid, and we walked the dog! It was the hardest walk I think I've ever taken. We walked up the steepest hill and then walked back down and it took about an hour and a half to complete the whole thing!

After I got back, I then edited a video and wrote a blogpost! I tried 3 times to upload the video, but it still wouldn't upload. So I'm trying again today! That's beside the point though....

My sister woke up around 11 and we watched an episode of Sex and The City together, then we went to go get razor heads! Very exciting, I know. Her throat was hurting, so we also stopped by Starbucks. We walked back to the apartment, both showered, got ready, then took a taxi to meet her friends for lunch!

We went to a place called "Eat Right" and it was a very healthy and organic restraunt. It was very good! I got a haloumi and avacado burger. It was pretty good, very out there, but good!

After lunch, we took the subway to Causeway Bay to go shopping!

Here's a picture of my subway ticket:

That's where H&M and Forever 21 and some other cute stores are located! By the way, when I get back to the US, I am planning on doing a huge Hong Kong haul, so that you will be able to see all of my purchases!

We went shopping for about 4 hours, and I got some things that I have nothing like in my wardrobe!

We took a mini bus home, which honestly, I was scared to death to get on, but it turned out to be fine!

My sister and I got home, we finished an episode of Sex and The City, my Dad got home from work! We ate dinner, which was delicious! My Dad and sister's maid cooked up meatloaf and a couscous salad with a bunch of yummy things in it!

I was really tired after dinner, so I showered, washed my face, and then climbed into bed! I slept for 9 hours! Yay me!

I finally got my video to upload, so here it is:



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