Monday, June 18, 2012

Hong Kong Day 3!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was my 3rd day in Hong Kong and it was great!

June 15:

I woke up again, at about 6:30. I laid in my bed and watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie, which I haven't seen in years! To say the least, I cried in the end.

I got up, ate some homemade pound cake, talked to my Dad, wrote a blogpost, edited HK Day 2 video, tried to upload it 5 times, everytime it failed, so i just decided to try the next day.

Anyways, we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants, which is called Enoteca. It's a tapas restraunt, which is actually my favorite way to eat. You basically order a bunch of little dishes, and eat them! I took pictures of all of the things that we ate, so here they are:

 This dish above came with 4 of these minted zucchini & feta cakes with dill yoghurt, but when I took the picture, there was only 1 left! These are delicious by the way!
 These are the rosemary and sea salt tossed potato wedges with balsamic dip! They are a great spin on the classic french fries and not greasy at all!
 This above is honestly my favorite dish in this restaurant. It's creamy brie (which is my favoirte cheese) and roasted garlic w/ toasted focaccia bread! It's so delicious!
 This is the homemade chicken liver pate with fig jam. Now, pate isn't everyone's thing, but I happen to love it!
 These are the pesto chicken and parmesan risotto balls with a moyonaise dipping sauce. These are very crispy, but very creamy on the inside.
This is what they look like inside!

After lunch, we went back to the apartment. We decided to go see a movie, so we all grabbed sweaters, then headed off. My Dad actually drove us there! It was my first time driving with him in Hong Kong, which if you didnt know, the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car, on the oppisite side of the road. So it's completley opposite than American driving.

We went to see "The Dictator" which was incredibly funny, but very stupid at the same time! It also had alot of racial lines in it, but it was very funny!

After the movie, we came back home, I showered, changed, then my Dad's girlfriend, her daughter, and her daughters friend, came over for dinner! It was my first time meeting them, so I didn't want to video tape the get together, so I hope that you guys understand!

Here is Hong Kong Day 3:

I hope that you guys had a great Saturday!



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