Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Nothing Book!

Hey Everyone!

I haven't heard of alot of people talk about something like this, but I thought that it would be a really fun idea to share with you guys!

It's called a nothing book.

I first heard about this in 8th grade, from my friend Sydney. She was telling me about how she had a nothing book that she would write in and it could be about anything that she wanted it to be about!

So I bought a nothing book and you can basically have it be a journal or even just staple a couple pieces of paper together and call it a nothing book! Haha!

Mine looks something like this:

I purchased mine at Barnes & Nobles! I like how it has the blank pages and how it has the almost vintage detailing inside the cover!

But anyways what I write in my nothing book are quotes, bible verses, quotes or even advice to myself! I think it's a great way to put all your feelings into a place of privacy - but it also it a much more complicated journal kind of thing. If that makes any sense!

I hope that you guys like this idea and let me know if you would like to create your own nothing book!



How To: Keep Your Closet Organized

Hey Everyone!

Long time no blogging! I know, but I wanted to share with you some of my tips and tricks in how to keep your closet organized!

My first tip would be to have all matching hangers. If you have matching hangers, your closet will not only look more organized, but it will also help your clothes hang the same way, therefore giving your closet a very organized touch.

My second tip would have to be color cordinate! If you cordinate it going from going lightest to darkest, then it will make it so much more easier to pick out an outfit because you can find what color you want so much easier!

I also recomend that you color cordinate according to what type of clothing item it is. Because then you can also pick out what color you want, but also what style you want.

Also, make sure that you arrange your closet according to the season. Move your winter clothes to the back of your closet when it summer and vise versa.

I hope that this helped you guys find ways to organize your closet better!



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Books to Read: Thirteen Reasons Why

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to do another post about books that I want you guys to read!

So the last post about books that I did, was on a complete love story and was such a happy and romantic series! This book that I want to talk to you about now, is completly the opposite of that!

This book is "Thirteen Reasons Why". It is such an interesting and capturing book, that I think if you read it, you will love it!

This is what the back of the book says:

"You can't stop the future. You can't rewing the past. The only way to learn the secret.... is to press play.
Clay Jensen doesn't want anything to do with the tapes Hannah Baker made. Hannah is dead. Her secrets should be buried with her. Then Hannah's voice tells Clay that his name is on her tapes - and that he is, in some way, responsible for her death.
All through the night, Clay keeps listening. He follows Hannah's recorded words throughout his small town... and what he discovers will change his life forever."

Now, for me, this book totally captured me. I finished this book in about 2 days and I ended up really liking it! It takes so many twists and turns, but in the end it is very good!

If you guys have read this book, let me know what you thought about it!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Take the Risk: Spiked Bracelets

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be another post in my series "Take the Risk."

Now, I know that you guys have most likely been seeing alot of spiked jewlery on the market recently and personally I think it's an awesome trend, when worn right.

For example, I think that this is way to spike - y and way to dramatic:

But I think when worn and styled right, it looks amazing and actually very girly!

I think that these bracelets are perfect:

I especially love the one above, because of the fact that every other spike is blinged out! I think that it adds a really girly touch, but yet it's still edgy!

You can even style them to where they fit right in with all of your other arm candy! These to me, are the perfect way to incorporate them in:

See how they look very girly, but still give that edgy, trendy vibe? I think that the way that these people styled their spiked jewlery really worked!

Now I however, am still in the market to find the perfect spiked bracelet, so let me know if you guys have gotten any spiked bracelets and where you got them from!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Books to Read: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start doing blogposts on some of my favortie books/book series that I would like to recommend to you. 

First off, I like to read teenage romance books! But I am a very open minded person, so leave your suggestions in the comments below!

So I thought that I would start with my favorite series of the moment, really a triology, but it is called "The Summer I Turned Pretty." 

I read these 3 books, in 4 days. Yes, I am telling you, this is the truth. These books are life changing. 

This is what the back of the first book says: 

" When each summer begins, Belly leaves her school life behind and escapes to Cousins Beach, the place she has spent every summer of her life. Not only does the beach house mean home away from home, but her favorite people are there: Susannah, her mother's best friend, and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has been chasing Conrad for as long as she can remember, and more than anything, she hopes this summer will be different. Despite distractions from a new guy named Cam and lingering looks from Conrad's brother, Jeremiah, Belly's heart belongs to Conrad. Will he offer his to her? Will this be the summer that changes everything?"

So if that doesn't make you want to run to the bookstore and get this book, then I don't know what will. 

You would be surprise on how many twists and turns this triology takes, but in the end, all you do is smile. 

Now, I'm not going to put in the other descriptions of the other books, because I don't want to spoil anything for you! 

You would be surprise on how many twists and turns this series takes, but in the end, all you do is smile. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like more of them! 



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Top 5 Summer Essentials!

Hey Everyone!

I'm planning on making a video that is about my fashion and makeup staples during the summer on my channel, but I wanted to do a blogpost on things that aren't related to fashion and beauty. So more like the random summer favorites!

1) Good music! I love listening to my iPod all summer long. I make a summer playlist every summer and that's all I will listen to, all summer. I especially love country music in the summer time, just because I feel like it's so cheery and happy!

2) Good books! Now, I don't know about you guys, but I tend to read ALOT during the summer! I actually don't have any summer reading for school, so I tend to catch up on all of the books I wanted to read during the year, in the summertime! I have already finished about 7 books this summer and have loved everyone of them! Also, let me know if you would like me to start doing book reviews on my channel, because I would love to!

3) A camera! I think that you should always take pictures of alot of things that you do, because pictures are a great way to capture a memory of something! I also love looking back on old pictures!

4) Water! Whether it's a pool, lake or ocean, I just want to swim! I love swimming in the summertime, especially in Texas since it is so hot. Nothing feels better than getting into some cool water and just instantly relaxing!

5) Sleep! I'm the type of girl that during the school year, I get an ok amount of sleep, but I use the summertime to catch up on all the sleep I missed. I advise you do the same, so that way by the time school whips around, you are fully rested!

So I hope that you guys liked this blogpost and make sure that you look out for my fashion and beauty summer essentials!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Take The Risk: Mix Medals

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start a new series on my blog that is called "Take the Risk".

The reason that I want to call it that, is because I feel like there are so many trends in the fashion world that people are afraid of trying and you can really make them work and not have them be so daring!

Now, a trend that I think alot of people are scared to try is mixing metals. I think most people think that you should only pair silver with silver and gold with gold, but honestly who made up that rule?! You can mix metals to where it looks beautiful when done right.

My advice in pulling off this trend would be to have a good balance of the two. Also, if it's more of a brushed gold or a brushed silver, it will be easier to pull off because the metals aren't so vibrant.

These are some pictures where I think people have mixed metals perfectly:

 This person did a great job of including both silver and gold in an equal balance.
 I love how this person had the rose gold watch, but also paired gold and silver accesories with it! I think that this looks great!
I think that this person did a great job on keeping it simple and still including the silvers and golds!

I think that these pictures are a great way to show how you can have an equal balance of silver and gold and it still look fabulous even though you are "breaking the rules". (:

I hope that you guys found this post helpful in how you want to style mixing medals!



Friday, July 6, 2012

Trend Alert: Floral Jeans

Hey Everyone!

I have been noticing a huge trend this summer and that has been floral jeans!

I have seen various celebrities wear floral jeans and I think that they are such a cute edition to any wardrobe!

Here is a picture that I found of some celebrites wearing floral jeans:

I think that floral jeans are a great way to add some demension to an outfit. I am in the market to find a great pair of floral jeans and I want to know if YOU guys have floral jeans and where you got them!

I think that you can style floral jeans so many different ways and you can dress them up or down so very easily.

Now, you can simply pair a white v - neck with floral jeans, and strappy sandals and you can be out the door. You could also have a dressy top that matches one of the colors in the floral print, and slip on a pair of nude pumps and you can go out to a fancy dinner!

I hope that you guys found this post helpful in discovering a new trend and how you can style it!



Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To: Help a Sunburn Heal!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you guys had a great 4th of July! Normally what people do on the 4th, is they go swimming! Either in a pool, ocean, lake or something that has to do with the water! I was one of those people yesterday! I went to the lake in my area, swam for 4 hours, but ended up with a really painful sunburn. 

So I bet that alot of you are experiencing what I'm experiencing right now, so I wanted to share with you guys my tips on getting over a sunburn. 

Tip # 1) ALOE VERA.  I cannot stress this enough! You need to aloe vera the heck out of the area that is sunburned! I normally slather it on in the morning and before I go to bed! I normally put it on when I'm not wearing any clothes and then let it soak in before I put on clothes! If you want to, you can even put your aloe vera in your refridgerator and then when you put it on your skin, it will feeling soothing to your hot sunburn! 

Tip # 2) VITAMIN E. Now, if you have blisters that were caused by your sunburn, than I recommend putting on viatimin E on the blistered area. This will prevent scaring and it will provide extra moisture for the blisters so that they will go down faster. I have experienced VERY painful sunburns that do involve blistering and vitamin E has been a life saver. 

Tip # 3) SOFT CLOTHING. If you are wearing soft clothing when experiencing a bad sunburn, it will help you feel more comfortable! It won't irratate your sunburn! Also if you wear really soft clothing when you are sleeping, than it will make your night sleep be alot more relaxing. Personally, I move alot when I sleep, and when experiencing a bad sunburn, this is torture! So make sure that you are wearing soft clothing when you are going to bed, because it will make all the difference! 

Tip # 4) WEAR A STRAPLESS BRA! Now, when I get a sunburn, it's normally where my swimsuit top straps were and on my shoulders/back area. So wearing a strapless bra it won't hit your shoulders and back, so therfore, won't irratate the sunburn. 

Tip # 5) DO NOT EXFOLIATE! If you exfoliate, not only will it be painful, but it will also throw the skin off its natural peeling cycle. 

Tip # 6) Wear sunscreen in the first place! If you wear sunscreen and re - apply about every hour, than you won't have a problem! Make sure its at least SPF 15 and you apply it evenly! 

I hope that you guys found this post helpful and that you had a safe 4th of July! 



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY At Home Waxing!

Hey Everyone!

So recently, I have started waxing my arms and I wanted to share with you guys the product that I have been using to do that!

If you guys are fimiliar with waxing, you know that if you go to a salon/spa to get it done, than you will pay anywhere from 15$ - 200$ for just a simple waxing. That deffinitly ads up and personally, I don't want to spend that kind of money and I think most people don't either!

Now, the product that I have been using has been the Veet "Ready to Use Wax Strips." You can also buy these that are made for your face, bikini line and underarms!

These also retail any where from 7$ - 10$, depending on where you purchase them!

Basically, all that I do, is just simply place the wax strip on my computer keyboard to warm it up faster, then I just place one of the strips on my arm, rub it very fast and then I just rip it off! Now, it doesn't hurt AT ALL. Yes, it stings for a couple seconds, but after, it doesn't hurt at all and your arms (or whatever area you choose to wax) will be as smooth as a baby's butt!

I hope that you guys found this helpful and please let me know if you did!


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