Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Nothing Book!

Hey Everyone!

I haven't heard of alot of people talk about something like this, but I thought that it would be a really fun idea to share with you guys!

It's called a nothing book.

I first heard about this in 8th grade, from my friend Sydney. She was telling me about how she had a nothing book that she would write in and it could be about anything that she wanted it to be about!

So I bought a nothing book and you can basically have it be a journal or even just staple a couple pieces of paper together and call it a nothing book! Haha!

Mine looks something like this:

I purchased mine at Barnes & Nobles! I like how it has the blank pages and how it has the almost vintage detailing inside the cover!

But anyways what I write in my nothing book are quotes, bible verses, quotes or even advice to myself! I think it's a great way to put all your feelings into a place of privacy - but it also it a much more complicated journal kind of thing. If that makes any sense!

I hope that you guys like this idea and let me know if you would like to create your own nothing book!



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