Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Perfect School Bag

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to tell you guys about what I think makes up the perfect school bag.

First of all, I carry a Under Armour backpack and I honestly feel like it's the perfect backpack. It has so many different compartments to it and it has so many different things that make it great!

I have it in two different colors, navy blue and black. I have two backpacks because that helps me stay more organized ( I will talk more about this when I do my school organization video)! I really love the backpack for so many different reasons.

Here is a picture of the backpack I am talking about:

As you can see by all the zippers, it has so many different compartments.

I love how much you can fit in it as well. Last year, I had about 4 folder, a textbook, a binder, pencil bag, my lunch, my planner - it was insane but it really wasn't too heavy!

Here are pictures of all of the compartments:

This side compartment is where I normally put a water bottle, or my phone or something like that.
 Now these pockets are on both sides. They are really deep and I normally put money in there or something like that so I can keep it hidden.
 This is in the first compartment and it has a place where you can put pencils or your phone or something  like that. Now I normally put my phone in here, advil (for cramps), purel (to sanitize my hands from all the dirty germs that are around school),
 Here is where all of my actual school stuff go. Where all of the not so fun homework goes:( haha

This is actually my favorite part of the backpack! It's a secret compartment where you can put all sorts of stuff in there! If I brought my laptop to school, I would put it in here. I actually put my makeup bag in there and pads/tampons, because they stay hidden!

Now, I want to know what your backpack looks like and where you put everything!

I also am planning on doing a whats in my backpack video once school starts!



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