Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Books to Read : Sliding into Home

Hey Everyone!

I don't know if you guys watched "The Girls Next Door" on E, but my sister and I were obsessed with it! Particularly one charachter, Kendra Wilkinson! We always thought that she was so funny and witty.

After she left the Playboy mansion, she got her own reality show, married NFL star Hank Basket and also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

So about 2 years ago, she came out with a memoir that was a tell all book about her life, down to the last detail. I read this over Thanksgiving break in 8th grade. I loved it. She literally told every single detail about her life. She had a really messed up past, but she is such an amazing person.

I hope that you guys read this book! It's the most honest book I've ever read, she doesn't leave out any details.

I think that if you're going to write a memoir, you should really tell your full story, and Kendra does a great job of doing that.

Hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



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