Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books to Read : Miles to Go

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to do a post about a book that I think you guys would love!

Now, if you love Miley Cyrus like I do, then I think that you would love this book! I finished this in a day and I thought that the whole thing was done really really well!

Here's the description of the book:

The memoir discusses Cyrus' relationship with her parents, her thoughts on the media, her love life, her future ambitions and milestones she still has to reach in her life.

Now I know that that wasn't a very long description, but I think that it does a really great summary of what the book is really all about.

It also includes pictures in the center of the book of her when she was younger, with her brothers and sisters.

Miley also talks about her relationship with Nick Jonas. Which my sister and I were always completely in love with their relationship. So I loved reading about all of the details.

I hope that you guys read this book. I think that if you're a Miley fan, you will love it as much as I loved it!

It's also a really quick read ( I read it in two days).

I hope that you guys read it!



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