Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Shopping Tips!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that this post will give you some tips on how you can make your shopping experience a little bit more organized and beneficial!

Before I jump into my tips, I just wanted to say that these are the tips I use whenever I know that I am going to be shopping big time. If I am just going to the mall to get a couple of things then I don't do this, but if I am going back to school shopping or something like that, then I will use these tips!

Tip #1 - Clean out your closet
When I go on a big shopping trip, I always clean out my closet to make sure that everything that I have inside are things that I wear regularly and that I truly like. It also helps if you giveaway things that are too small or too big for you because this lets you know what you might want to re-purchase.

Tip #2 - Make a mental note of things that you would like to buy
Sometimes if you walk into a big store like Nordstrom or Forever 21, it can get overwhelming. So have some things in mind that you want to purchase. Like a pair of denim shorts or gladiator sandals. This will keep you focused when shopping.

Tip #3 - Set a budget for yourself
The only thing that I hate about shopping is spending money. So before I go shopping I put a certain amount of cash in my wallet so I don't spend more than I want to. Also by putting cash in your wallet, you can see it disappear, which always helps me. By budgeting you also spend your money on things that you truly want.
With all of that being said, I do make sure that I have money on my debit card so I can still spend a little bit more if I just find something that I can't leave behind!

I hope that these little tips have helped you. I hope that they have also brought you a feeling of excitement for your next shopping trip!



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