Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Favorite Lush Products!

Hello Everyone!

Over the summer I re-fell in love with Lush Cosmetics, so I thought that it would be appropriate for me to do a blogpost about what my favorite products are from them.

1) Butterball

You guys this is the most amazing bath bomb ever. It turns your bath water into this milky, oily consistency leaving your skin feeling so soft. I typically use this when I feel that my skin needs a little bit of a "pick me up" or if I just really want to pamper myself.

2) Flying Fox Shower Gel

This smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. I have used this shower gel on and off for about 4 years and every time I start using it again, I wonder why I stopped.

3) Brightside Bubble Bar

This is my all time favorite bubble bar and that says something because I have tried a bunch. I am a sucker for all things orange smelling and this is citrus smelling heaven! It makes your bath so bubbly and orange and you feel like you are in Hawaii because of the amazing scent. The other great thing about this, is that you can get about 4-5 baths out of this because it is a larger bubble bar.

4) D'Fluff Shaving Soap

I have talked about this in my monthly favorites and I have to say it is the most amazing shaving cream ever. Not only does it have a mousse like consistency, but it creates enough of a barrier between your skin and your razor to where you don't have to worry about razor burn or cutting yourself. If you have sensitive skin like me, you guys have to try it!

Now I know that I didn't talk about a lot of products, but I just wanted to make sure that I kept it down to my all time favorites. Let me know what your favorite Lush products are by tweeting me at @FashionandM321

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!



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