Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Long Time No Blogging…

Hello Everyone!

Oh how I have missed writing that out….it's been a little over two months since my last post and I am so sorry for that!

In these last two months I have gone to senior prom, taken finals, graduated high school and gone to college orientation, so I thought that I would catch you up on my last two months through pictures..how does that sound?!

Lets start back in April and go from there :))

I got asked by one of my good friends Jared by him acting like he killed my friend Isabella to go to prom with me -- silly boy :))

Here is Jared and I at prom:)) My dress is from ASOS for those wondering!

Went to the Ed Sheeran concert with Anamarie and it was perfect, definitely class "A Team"

Celebrated mama's day with the best mother I know!

I found a dog online that I know was been created to be mine, I shall name her Phoebe.

Saw "Pitch Perfect 2" with Ashlynn, Brooke & Isa…def not as good as the first one but it was still funny!!

Carried the senior powder puff team on my back since ya know, I was QB1…JK I was pretty much 6th string linebacker…#blessed

Hung out at my friend Kyle's house while VLOGGING!!! I started vlogging in the month of May, so you guys should go check out my videos on my channel!

Got my license renewed with Drew :)

Saw Kenny Chesney, Chase Rice & Jake Owen in concert and they were AMAZING!!

Bails and I brought our dogs to school for the senior prank !!

Attended the baccalaureate ceremony and took pictures with my favs :)) Shout out to my fellow class of 2015-ers!!

Took some underwater pics with Syd's GoPro - Brooke and Isa are in the back :))

Celebrated my graduation at Perry's Steakhouse with my mama and her bae Jeff !!

Watched the sunrise the morning of my graduation with my best friends -- it was my first sunrise too :)

Then I actually graduated high school and there were fireworks at my graduation!! How cute?!

That was all up until June 4th, when I graduated High School! Let me know if you guys liked this "my monthly round up" in photos kind of thing! I see other bloggers do it, so I thought it would be a good way to catch you guys up on my month! 

I will get back to my weekly blogging schedule for sure, because I have definitely missed it!! 



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