Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What to Pack While Babysitting!

Hey Everyone!

Since I am now vlogging more frequently, you guys know that I babysit a lot and since I do, I know that there are a lot of things that I find are essentials when it comes to going to babysit.

Depending on how long I am going to babysit for, is how many things I bring with me. This post will include my essentials for a long babysitting job, so lets say 6+ hours. All of these things that I mention, are things that I find are necessities, but you can pick and choose as you please :)

#1 - A phone charger

This is pretty obvious no matter how long you are babysitting. I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten my phone charger at home and have been bored out of my mind when the kids go to bed. So, all in all bring a phone charger, it will save you a lot of trouble.

#2 - A bottle of water

I am kind of a germ freak, so when it comes to drinking out of other peoples glasses, it kind of grosses me out, especially if the house doesn't look that clean. Since everyone knows the feeling of being insanely thirsty, this will save you from that feeling and you know it is a clean thing to drink out of, since it's your own.

#3 - A snack

I know that you probably think its weird to bring your own snack, but you'll thank me later when you do. So many times when I get to a house, the kids have already eaten or they order food, but I don't want to eat off of it since its for the kids… you feel me? I recommend bringing a snack, like a granola bar, chips, an easy mac, something that is easy and that doesn't require a lot of thought. This snack will save your life when you get hungry, especially on those long babysitting jobs.

#4 - Something to Do

Even though I said bring your phone charger so you can play on your phone, theres only so many people you can stalk on instagram or so many things to watch on YouTube before you get bored. So I recommend bringing another form of entertainment, like a book or your computer. A lot of the times, I will download a new video that I have filmed and edit it while I babysit after the kids go to bed.

These are the things that I find essential while babysitting. I know that some of the things may have seemed obvious, but you may forget them as you run out the door to go babysit.

I hope that you guys enjoyed - Happy Babysitting :)


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