Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter!

Hey Everyone!

So…I completely spaced and didn't post this on Wednesday like I normally do, but I just remembered today, so here it is!!

If you follow me on twitter, then you already know that on the day it was released, I ordered Jaclyn Hill's "Champagne Pop" highlighter, that she did in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics off of

I first discovered Jaclyn on Instagram over Christmas break and as soon as I saw how talented she was through her pictures, I knew I had to check out her channel. I instantly fell in love with her spunky personality and of course, her incredible talent.

When I saw on Instagram that she was releasing her own highlighter, I knew the only way that I could get my #highlightonfleek would be by purchasing it myself. Of course the timing could not have been worse, because when I ordered the highlighter, I left for Dallas the next day for a week. It was TORTURE knowing that my beautiful highlighter wasn't being used by me :(( But when I got home, you know that I tore into the package and instantly fell in love  - I was so excited!

With all of that being said, I have never used a Becca highlighter before. I purchased the "shimmering skin perfecter" in Moonstone about 2 months ago and loved that, but never actually bought a pressed Becca highlighter. Obviously I am glad I waited for my main girl to come out with her own personal one!

From the second I swatched Champagne Pop, I knew that it was love. The highlighter isn't too shimmer-y or too glitter based, it truly does look like you're glowing, which I think is what makes it so special. How often do you find a highlighter that looks natural?

Jaclyn had described this as a universal highlighter that could work on any skin tones. I was a little skeptical just because I have such fair skin and it did look like such a golden based highlighter. I have to say, Jaclyn achieved creating such a diverse highlighter, because it looked beautiful on my skin - truly like I was glowing from the inside, out. 

In the picture above, I'm not wearing any other makeup but Champagne Pop itself. I wanted you guys to see how amazing it looks alone on the skin. 

I think my favorite part of this product is that it was created by a fellow YouTuber. When Jaclyn talks about Champagne Pop, you can truly see the joy that just radiates from her. I think it's so amazing the incredible opportunities YouTube can present to us, it's a gift.

If you couldn't tell, I truly love this product. The color is beautiful and the highlighter does look beautiful on anyone. Well done Jaclyn!



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