Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Current Hair Routine

While doing the "whats in my shower" portion of my bathroom tour, I realized that I have not updated you guys on what I use on my hair in quite some time. I got my hair cut really short back in May and have since changed up my routine a bit so I thought that I would share!

I mentioned in the bathroom tour video that in the summer time I do not use any heat on my hair. On occasion I will blow dry it if I need to get somewhere quickly, but 9/10 times I do not use any heat. I have done this for the last few summers and truly notice a difference in my hair when I give it a break. Besides the no heat hiatus my hair is currently on, I have added a couple different products to my routine that I have ben in love with.

First off, my shampoo. I have been an avid Pantene lover for some time now and have found that the sheer volume is my absolute favorite. It makes my hair squeaky clean without stripping it. You also cannot beat the price of $4!

I have also started only washing my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays. My hair gets greasy fast, so I never thought that washing my hair twice a week would even be an option, until I discovered the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo. I now can get away with not washing my hair often and doing so has helped the health of my hair a lot. If you can, pick up a good dry shampoo and stop washing your hair everyday or every other day. You will be shocked at how your hair looks and feels after you start doing this!

Since I am only washing my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays now I have stopped using normal conditioner and started using a hair mask instead. I have found that using this mask makes my ends feel so incredibly soft and healthy. That is another perk of not washing your hair often is you can use more moisturizing products more often because it won't build up on your hair too much like conditioner could. I am a fan of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moise Deep Conditioner. This mask is also $3 and works wonderfully! Aussie's 3 minute miracle line also has different ones for different hair types such as a smoothing one and a color protecting one.

After the shower I always apply some sort of serum to my hair and for the last year and a half I have been using the It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner which I absolutely love. It is kind of expensive for a drugstore hair product, but it lasts forever. I squirt about two or so pumps into my hand and distribute it into the ponytail section of my hair. Since I normally let my hair air dry regardless, I think that this helps my hair not be so frizzy when it dries.

Once I have applied the It's a 10, I normally don't brush my hair. I naturally have really flat hair that has no volume to it whatsoever, so I find that when I do not brush it and I wake up in the morning to brush it, I have so much natural volume because my hair has basically been sitting on top of itself all night. It also in the long run causes less damage because you aren't tugging on your hair when it is wet. 

I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my updated hair routine and that you try out some of these amazing products! 



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