Monday, March 5, 2018

Keys to An Organized Closet

I think one of the most important parts of a room is the closet. This is where you show your style, your personality and I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet ;) Anyone catch the Carrie Bradshaw reference?

 I am currently living in a small college apartment, but these tips would work for any phase of life! If you want to see a full room tour you can watch that here.

If there is one major thing that makes a difference in a closet, it is matching hangers. I cannot stress enough how crucial these are if you want your closet to look crisp and organized.
When I came to college, I bought all black [obviously] skinny, felt hangers from Bed, Bath & Beyond. These not only give you so much more space to work with compared to the normal plastic hangers, but they also allow your clothes to actually hang on the hangers as opposed to them falling off or having to use those awful string all know what I'm talking about.

Another tip is to color coordinate. I personally like to do mine by style of shirt. For instance, light to dark tanks, light to dark short sleeve shirts etc. This way it not only helps you find that exact white shirt you were looking for, but it is also looks really nice. During the winter months, I will also categorize by fabric. For instance, black shirts that are long sleeve, but not sweater material are in their own section. Sweaters that are black have their own section. Make sense?

Since becoming a Vera Bradley student ambassador, I have more duffel bags than I know what to do with. They actually work so well for storage because not only are they cute, but you can store all of your bulky, seasonal items such as sweaters and coats, while also having something cute on display. I keep these stuffed at the top of my closet and it's like killing two birds with one stone as it works for storage and aesthetics.

I personally hate the look of shoes lying all on the floor, so shoe racks are a great way to keep all of your shoes organized and displayed. I bought this stackable shoe rack from Target and I love it! It fits so much and looks incredibly pleasing. It is also an amazing price, so if you have a ton of shoes, you can get multiple shelves without breaking the bank!

If you have a small closet like me, try putting command hooks inside your closet, that is where I display my belts! I also use hangers to display my favorite scarves so I can access them easily.

Side note: I like having pictures and funny sayings in my closet that I want to see everyday, but I don't want to necessarily in my room for space/aesthetic purposes. I have some funny gifts from my mom, some family pictures and some cute little cards. It is important to decorate your closet too!

When it comes to organizing your closet, it is all SO personal, but I hope that these tips make your decision process a little easier!

Love from Dixie,


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