Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Recent Reads #2

If you guys didn't know already, I fell in love with reading in 2018. I really did make it a goal of mine to start reading every night before bed and pretty quickly I became obsessed with much so that I would finish a new book every few days.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Life in Milan #2

I can't believe that time is going by so quickly...I truly never want to leave. It's hard to explain how I feel being here but the best way to describe what I feel is peace. I have  never felt such a sense of peace being anywhere in my life. Maybe it's because I feel like I am exactly where God wants me to be? Maybe because I'm doing what I know I'm meant to be doing? I feel like it's all of the above, but regardless I am still so thankful for the opportunity to learn and work in this magical place!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Free People List

If you guys have been following me for a while then you know that my favorite store is Free People. I used to pretty much exclusively shop there my freshman year of college, but over the last couple of years I haven't been crazy about everything they've put out. Of course I would buy things here and there, but I never got on the site thinking "I'm in trouble" because I wanted everything...that was until a couple weeks ago. 

I found myself scrolling through their site and pinning pretty much everything I saw to my "order" board. Of course I'm abroad, so international shipping is hard and if I needed to return something it would be even harder, so my purchases are going to have to wait until August. Even though that is the case, I thought that I would share what I'm dying to get my hands on! 

Side Note: I really suggest you guys all make an "order" board on Pinterest. It helps me so much when it comes to doing an online order or in general remembering what I wanted to look for when going into a specific store. Highly recommend it! 

I saw this bodysuit on a girl once and instantly fell in love with it...I didn't know it was from Free People until I stumbled upon it on their website. I love how it has a square neck and cap sleeves as I don't own anything like it. I know that this is something that can be transitioned well into fall because you can just throw it on with a pair of jeans and a jacket and be good to go.

I recently got my first pair of shoes from Free People and I'm pretty obsessed with them. I saw these on their website recently and I just think they are so cool! You wrap them around your leg yourself so you can go as high or as low as you want.
I have a pair of nude gladiator sandals and they are definitley on their last leg as I have had them since high school. I think I'll keep them around to wear out as my bar shoes, but I'll get these as my nice shoes #collegelife

There are few things better than pieces in your closet that you can throw on and are just mindless. You put on some cute shoes and accessories and you're out the door. I saw this romper and realized I have so many flowy dresses, but no flowy rompers. Well folks, that is going to change because once I saw this I knew it had to be mine. Not only would it be so cute for gamedays but it would also be cute to go out to dinner on a summer night. You could go braless or you could wear a pretty lace bralette, which is what I'll probably do.

Tops like these are perfect to keep in your closet because the bow instantly makes it look a little more innocent but the cutout adds a little bit of edge. A top like this is great to go out in or to meet your parents for dinner - it can go either way. 

I have been on the hunt for a bodysuit like this for so long. I actually ordered one from ASOS before I left for Milan but returned it because it just didn't fit right. 99% of the time Free People things fit me like a glove so I think that I have found my match with this one - it's so cute! 
Just like the other bodysuit, this can be transitioned into fall as well. 

When I saw this top it reminded me so much of the Reformation bodysuit that so many bloggers have been getting. I love the look of the Reformation bodysuit, but I don't love the price tag. This one is so much cheaper and pretty much has the same look.

I have gone back and forth with wether I want this bralette or not for over a year now. I have come to the conclusion that since I never wear actual bras anymore, another bralette can't hurt, right? I love that this one is bigger than any other one I have so you'll be able to see the edges of it in a v-neck tee...which who doesn't love that look?
It's a great price and whenever I see someone wearing it, I always think how much I need it in my life! Come August, our love affair will begin. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this wishlist of mine! I have a couple other items pinned, but they are more fall items and since it will be miserable weather in Alabama until around October, I'll have to wait on ordering those. Once the weather starts cooling off, I'll be sure to make another FP list with my fall/winter picks. 

Let me know what your FP picks are by tweeting me @AbbeyFHagan, I'd love to know! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read today, it means so much.
Love from Milan,


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