Monday, September 10, 2018

At Home Manicure That Lasts & Heals

There are few things that make me feel more put together than having my nails done. I LOVE looking down at my hands and seeing perfectly polished nails staring back at me. What I don't love? The fact that I can't help but peel off the gel polish after about 10 days and seeing my brittle, peeling nails... I realllllyyyy don't love that.

So in order to start healing my nails (and save money as a bonus!) I decided to start painting my own nails at home. I used to all the time in high school and got pretty good at it, so I thought it would be fun to find the perfect routine that made my polish last, while also healing my nails.

You guys know by now that Katey McFarlan is my freaking girl. I will buy anything she recommends because a) I love her that much and b) trust what she says.
So a few months back when she posted about a nail routine that she was using, I immediately wrote down all of the products that she mentioned because I knew one day I'd be fed up with my weak,
post - gel nails.

Well that day arrived and I hopped on Amazon to order all of the products. I'm here to tell you that all of the products she mentioned are incredible and actually work! I have really noticed a difference in the overall health/look of my nails.

It is a bit of a lengthy process in terms of start to finish, so in this post you can read all about what I do pre-polish.

Once your nails are filed and your cuticles are pushed back (the most important part of the manicure in my opinion) it is time to start the process!

Step 1) Nailtiques Formula 2 Polish

I use this as the base coat to the base coat. This is what heals your nails and it really has helped mine!
I bought the baby bottle because I didn't want to be left with a large bottle if the product didn't work,  but I can honestly say it does! However, this bottle still has a ton left in it and I've used it quite a bit.

Step 2) Gelous Base Coat

This is what is going to give your polish something to really stick to and I think it does help make your polish last longer. I LOVE the brush on this as it is super wide and thick - you can pretty much cover your entire nail with one stroke.

Step 3) Essie Gel Couture Polish

* Fun fact, these nails are actually 1 week old! This polish seriously LASTS you guys! * 

You can use any polish that you want, however I think that this polish is a serious game changer in the nail world. If you follow me on Instagram than you will have seen me raving about the Essie gel couture polishes in my Insta stories. This polish seriously lasts me up to two weeks with very minimal chipping.
The color pictured here is "Pre Show Jitters" and is the perfect white/pink! I just love how clean it looks.
The other color pictured, "Rock the Runway", is so vibrant that you almost don't need a second coat (even though I recommend bc more is more!!).
I used to hate the Essie polishes because of the brush. I found it to be super small and thin, which I wasn't a fan of. This brush is by far the BEST nail brush I've ever seen! It is really flat but wide so you can get really precise with the way you apply your nail polish.
I can't wait to pick up more of these colors for fall/winter!

P.S. I did notice that when I got back to school and was doing my dishes everyday, my polish started to chip a lot faster than normal. So I decided to embrace my inner adult and buy some rubber gloves. Now my nails are protected and I can wash my dishes for hours on end ;)

Step 4) Seche Vive Instant Gel Effet Top Coat

Now this is a product that Katey didn't have (she had the regular version of Seche Vive) but I decided to give this one a shot. If you're a busy gal or just hate waiting for your nails to try, this is a must! It makes your nails super hard like gel does but it dries within a couple minutes - it's pretty spectacular.


 CND Solar Oil

I have had this bottle for years, so to say it lasts is an understatement. It smells incredible and I love applying it to my cuticles after I'm done with my polish to make sure that my cuticles are super soft and moisturized!

I hope that you guys liked this post and that you try out these products! If you are gonna buy anything mentioned in this post, please buy the Essie gel couture polish and the Seche Vive top coat, you won't be disappointed.

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Love from Dixie,


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